Yet Another BSOD

By joelkaka
Jul 7, 2009
  1. Hi Fellas!

    i assembled my PC 2 months back with the following configuration

    E8400 processor
    XFX 750 SLi Motherboard
    Corsair 2GB 800Mhz
    XFX - Nforce - 1GB Video card

    OS - Windows Xp Media center edition(Original)

    Recently this BSOD showed up and my PC got restarting in a LOOP :p..

    Then i tried re-installing OS - From then onwards(Till now) , it shows the BSOD in between the OS installation..Sometimes even after setting time, validating product key etc...and all are different errors (some are repeated - D1 , 7E etc)

    So I cant really install my OS itself..i did the following :

    1. Removed my memory and replaced it with new - NO LUCK - So RAM problem is ruled out

    2. Tried installing the OS into another HDD(i disconnected mine) ..No Luck - HDD's Ok i guess

    3. Changed the video card too..same problem :(

    Now i have given my motherboard for service at a registered office of XFX. Still awaiting their response. Has anyone experienced this before ?..Please help..!!..

    Regards ,
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