IBM's Linux OS, out there?

By on January 30, 2004, 2:10 AM
Although nobody has been able to smuggle out a single screenshot of the top-secret IBM Linux desktop operating system (OS) often referred to as "Blue Linux" I have friends who have seen it. I am assured that it not only exists, but is being used by large numbers of IBMers. "They are going through a process of eating their own dog food right now," I was told.

The bad news is that the company may sit on the OS for up to two years before actually releasing it. I saw a gossip item about this, and an IBM insider confirmed the self-imposed delay to me.
Can IBM be pushed onto a faster track with this product? Someone had better do that.

Read more: [URL=]ABC News[/URL].

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Phantasm66 said:
I was involved in procuring a high performance cluster system based on myranet switch for my old work from IBM. They talked about Linux avidly and passionately, describing it as the "future of UNIX" on more than one occasion. They were prescribing SUSE in this case to run on the cluster, but they tinted at an IBM version of Linux to come in the future.
Phantasm66 said:
What's also quite interesting is that [url=]Novell[/url] bought [url=]SUSE[/url] Linux, and that they also bought the wonderful [url=]Ximian Gnome[/url] as well, which I am sure will no doubt wind up being all mixed together and recast some time soon as some kind of "Novell Linux" of some sort.[quote]"Novell is well on its way to being the number one enterprise and desktop GNU-Linux distributor. It might be there already. Novell dominated last week's LinuxWorld Exposition. "Novell will push Red Hat out of its slot as the number one Linux distributor. It will eclipse IBM in the enterprise software arena. And it will help the Linux community to pull the GNU-Linux operating system installed-base ahead of the Microsoft operating system installed-base. "Novell was well into integrating its software portfolio with the GNU-Linux operating system before it acquired SUSE Linux. Moreover, SUSE already was a top-notch Linux distribution before Novell acquired it. But a SUSE-based Novell Linux is going to be tough to beat..." [/quote][url=
inates-LinuxWorld_Story01.html]Complete story here[/url].[quote]Novell understands that, with its acquisitions of SUSE LINUX and Ximian, we have gained two of the gems of the open source community. With that comes responsibility. And we take that responsibility very much to heart. We will contribute more to open source than we take away. (Emphasis added.)Novell isn't going to simply port its existing network services to Linux and "we're done." We cannot and will not stop there.Novell will continue to remain at the forefront in promoting Linux. We will fill the solution gaps on the Linux server with enterprise support, with management tools, with partnerships.[/quote]But also note that:[quote]We will offer the world's most comprehensive and tightly integrated Linux desktop solution, at a competitive price. (Emphasis added.)[/quote]You WILL probably have to pay for this little bit of wonderfulness, but to be honest if it was really cool and not too expensive, I think I probably would, if I came with better driver support for industry standard hardware, etc, which Linux is getting. I can't see Linux being the desktop king any time soon (MS owns that) but then things have changed out there before. Many times. Never forget that.Overall, I see the IBM Linux thing as a little "Novell-Linux Reactionary" - remember I said they bleated on about SUSE as well. I am sure that SUSE is going to be big very soon, in some form or another.
Didou said:
I bought Mandrake 7.0 a long time ago ( & got free upgrades thanks to it ) & if SuSE were to have a nice distro for not too much ( 20 max ), I wouldn't mind purchasing it. As long as you oculd get good Tech support for it & maybe some decent DualView support, I'm all for it.:DWill they do the same thing is RedHat though ? Will they concentrate on the business market & leave the free distro to an alternate "group" a la Fedora ?
Per Hansson said:
Have you had a look at the recent Novell 6.5 P66?It's wonderfull, I last looked on 5.1 and now they have actually added X-Windows on the server itself....The have managed to make the tree allot less "bloated" at the time of install also...We tried connecting a Linux desktop machine into the Novell tree and it worked wonders... I'm really impressed with them...We shall see what will happen now on January 5:th when Novell will release the first officiall open beta of Novell 1.0 for *nix
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