Canada file-sharers safe, Music Industry loses case

By on March 31, 2004, 2:57 PM
A Federal Court judge ruled against the Canadian Recording Industry Association as they failed to show enough evidence that file sharers were infringing on its copyrights. The music industry pretended to force ISPs to identify Kazaa users that had downloaded music through that network in order to sue them.

[COLOR=#1951B9]As a result, using an online download service for personal use does not amount to copyright infringement in Canada, Akin said.[/COLOR]

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Mictlantecuhtli said:
Is this related to [url=;jsessionid=B5H
SRP11Q3TUCRBAEZSFEY?type=internetNews&storyID=4697645]Music Trade to Sue European, Canadian File-Sharers[/url]? I didn't see a date in that news.
Brent Sienna said:
The decision was just handed down today, March 31, 2004. The following link gives all the details of the story at The Toronto Star.[url]
erickdj said:
Legal pot, legal filesharing.... Must be nice to live in canada, some day I'll live there...
werty316 said:
Woohooo! There are some good things about living in Canada. one more time. Woohooo!
MaskedBurrito said:
That's awesome for those doodes. They not only have the logging market cornered, they can share files freely too! Canada's streets must be paved in gold........Wow......
PitbulI said:
One more reason why people all over the world call Canada the Country of freedom.
BrownPaper said:
i wish i lived in a country that values freedom! maybe i should go north and cross over the border to Canada. ;)
me(who else?) said:
I LOVE LIVING IN CANADA! Free music for all. :grinthumb
somekid007 said:
weed + free music = heaven
OS samurai said:
This is good news for Canadians; maybe this will set a precedent for other countries to follow. Although I donít file sharing will become totally legit in the U.S. anytime soon :(
MoRulez said:
Whoa, calm down there hippies. Canada hasn't legalized marijuana for just anyone. Only a few hundred people in the country receive marijuana packets from the silly Liberal government right now. And they have to have a doctor's approval to do so, for illnesses that are repaired particularly well by marijuana only. File sharing is allowed because the government is intelligent and non-partisan enough to understand that file sharing programs are just that: interconnected networks (users) sharing and exchanging their files to and fro.
me(who else?) said:
You're right, we don't get legal pot..but the music's OK...
somekid007 said:
we dun get legal pot, but most cops dont give a rat's @$$ anymore since there isnt much they could do about it anyways.
DragonMaster said:
Gas costs a lot more $$$ tho.
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