Microsoft demonstrates new intelligent search technology

By Derek Sooman on July 30, 2004, 1:02 PM
In many ways, our organisation of personal information on our computers is still very limited and one dimensional. How many times have you searched for a key piece of information, not fully remembering whether it was held in an e-mail, a file, a web page or whatever? Probably a few.

New technology from Microsoft is designed to quickly search a hardrive for a search term, and is able to search not just files but e-mails and even e-mail attachments.

"The PC search technology... allowed a computer user to search within Microsoft's Outlook e-mail client as well as within Windows folders such as My Documents."

Getting this new capability will not involve a Windows upgrade (like a new version or a service pack) but will involve a software install.

Longhorn, the next generation Microsoft Windows operating system (due out much later), is likely to have something similar but far cooler.

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abc said:
Amazing! Now I can search my Microsoft Outlook email, my Microsoft OS, my Mircosoft Word, Excel, and Power Point presentations, AND Microsofts web search at the same time!no thanksIf I wan't to rember something, I use new text document.txt on my desktop. Now if I could only rember to look at it.
DigitAlex said:
Will it also send the results of your search and the unique IDs of all the microsoft storage systems / software you dowloaded off p2p directly to Redmond ?
Unregistered said:
"new technology from microsoft" new...hahah, yeah right. Apple will have this in the next version of OSX, due early next year.
Rick said:
This isn't new technology. I'm not sure what the fuss is about.[quote]Apple will have this in the next version of OSX, due early next year.[/quote] I wouldn't brag about it. I'm appalled its just [i]now[/i] available. :)
Tarkus said:
I've got $20 that says somebody figures out how to exploit this to search your computer remotely within 2 years. Not that I don't trust MS...
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