The $499 Mac is here!

By Derek Sooman on January 11, 2005, 6:07 PM
Apple have launched a $499 Mac, as they were predicted to do. The new low-end Mac is about the size of a CD box set and comes packed with 40GB hard disk, a slot-loading CD burner, a 1.25Ghz G4 processor, a Radeon 9200 card with 32MB of RAM. FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 are supported, and Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless are available, but only if specified at the time of purchase.

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Astro said:
It looks awesome...wondering how the reviews will be. I would be interested in one maybe next year.
Phantasm66 said:
I never thought I would ever say this, but I am getting more attracted to some Apple kit more and more. Their iBook and iMac designs are truly inspired in some cases, such as the iMac that looks like a sheet of glass. I've thought about buying some Apple product for the first time recently. The OS is so Linux like as well.
Astro said:
I wonder why Dell & HP never can invent (design) stuff like this.
Phantasm66 said:
Dell have some nice offerings, but nothing like the sorts of kit coming from Apple in the last while. These look like machines that you want in your home, if you care at all what your home looks like.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Hmm..According to [url][/url] , one Euro is worth 0.756058 dollars.So, $499 = 377 EUR.Yet in European Apple Store, it costs 519 EUR, which is $686.
---agissi--- said:
Its a 1.2GHz nothing with a low of low videocard 9200, that has so much ram you cant even buy that now adays - for $500?Why dont dell just make a small computer for that price? It could be 10x faster for the same price of $500.
Astro said:
Yeah but here is the main selling point for newbs: No viruses. No spyware or adware. It's secure. People are tired of constant "critical updates" for Windows and they should be. Yes I'm using XP to type this, and I wish it didn't require these updates every month.I admit I am considering purchasing this one in the future. I want an iPod first though. They need to lower the iPod mini price to US$179, the 20 gig iPod to about US$229, and the 40 gig one to US$329 or so. If they did that, I'd get the 40 gig one..but I won't do it at $399.If only Dell & the likes could design like Apple can. Steve Jobs is a genius.
Astro said:
And agissi, CPU speed on a Mac is not comparable to CPU speed on the x86 platform. Everybody knows that CPU speed is no longer how you judge computers; it has to do with hard drive speed, memory speed, front side bus, video card, etc. now.
---agissi--- said:
OK deal Astro.It has a 32MB 9200.. I dont even think you can buy a 32MB 9200 any more, only 64MB+.It has a 533MHz FSB.For $500? You could make a desktop with that videocard and a 3000+ AthlonXP!
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