Next generation DVD format war heading for peace again

By Derek Sooman on June 26, 2005, 5:08 AM
Fears that peace talks in the next generation DVD format war had come to nothing may be unfounded, thanks to the new Toshiba president, Atsutoshi Nishida, who only took office on Friday. Nishida wants to unify the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats, and has dismissed press reports that talks between Sony and Toshiba had fallen apart.

Nishida stated that the problem of having two next-generation DVD formats should not be ignored because of the near-sighted policies of both sides and offered an olive branch to Sony by saying that the companies "should deepen technological studies so as to realise a unification as the best format".
Itís not all a new love affair between Sony and Toshiba, though, make no mistake. Nishida blames Sony for the numerous breakdowns there have been in the talks, and has also claimed that Sony's refusal to accept a compromise format based on anything other than Blu-Ray technology makes things extremely difficult.

So, is there going to be a unified format? Well, at the moment, the answer is still probably no. It is much more likely that both formats will launch, with one failing miserably. Itís just my opinion here, but if I were a betting man, I would bet that HD DVD, the Toshiba technology, will crumble into dust before too long. But we have been surprised before, so only time will tell.

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Nic said:
I too believe that Blue-Ray will win out. Let's see...higher capacity, PS3 will use Blue-Ray, and you can both record and read from the disc at the same time. HD-DVD offers no advatages for consumers, only for manufacturing plants as they can be made by the production lines currently used to manufacture DVDs.
Spike said:
I guess all depends on how much more expensive Sony's solution is, and how much of that extra burden is passed on to the consumer
Phantasm66 said:
I think its a foregone conclusion that Blu-Ray will dominate the market and that HD DVD is going to die a very big death.
Phantasm66 said:
...that is, unless Microsoft bails Toshiba out!
Athena said:
Yes we all know how good Sony did w/ Beta-max. And that product was better than VHS in every way too. Except for the price of it. With rumers of the PS3 costing between 4 to 5 hundred bucks when it 1st launches I am wondering of that cost is partly because of the Blue Ray.Anyway I hope they choose one over the other, but I do not have a HD TV yet anyway so normal DVD is fine w/ me for a few more years. By then this will have worked itself out and the players will not cost so much.
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