Did Bill Gates scream that China has "F****D MICROSOFT" ?

By Derek Sooman on September 10, 2005, 6:33 PM
Former Microsoft executive Lee has claimed that he heard Bill Gates scream that China has "F****D MICROSOFT!" Lee, of course, is being sued by Microsoft for defecting to Google, or rather over an alleged breach of contract where it was agreed that Lee would not work for competing firms for the space of a year. Microsoft currently refuses to comment on what Gates is alleged by Lee to have shouted.

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phantasm66 said:
Yes, I think he probably did.
spike said:
I mean no offence by saying this - just a general observation - but is this unexpected. I was under the impression that this is the sort of thing that goes on in large companies every day when there supposed to be no-one listning.
Nic said:
Spike: I think you mean large American companies? At least that's what hollywood has us believe...
spike said:
nah. I was talking about large companies everywhere when directors and/or executives loose their tempers behind what they think are closed doors. Perhaps I'm under a misconception, but I'd always thought that this sort of outburst was the norm.
Finchy said:
Well I think most of Chinas copies of Windows are copied so in a way, China has F****d Microsoft. Personally I see nothing wrong with being frustrated, let alone being frustrated at someone who is always stealing your stuff!
spike said:
I'd have to disagree. Microsoft itself decided that in order to enter the chinese market they would have to 'turn a blind eye' to the pirating of their software. No doubt to look back in 5-10 years and complain like hell that people are copying windows.I don't like the chinese system of government, but for once I feel, "good on them!".
watercooler said:
well good Microsft need a good ****ing for all the thigs they do
zephead said:
the microsoft corporation makes unbelievable amounts of money as it is, and i seriously doubt this piracy can change that.
lavender said:
But sometimes, i wonder who really F***** who. Apparently China has a large Windows user base. (just that it's not paid!!)
LOL this is funny as hell, who cares of bill gates said that he has a right to say what he wants and if it was behind doors who cares, it's not like he insulted china u know.
mrgene193 said:
China F***ed microsoft by using LINUX and not windows OS on their computers. This came after Microsoft practicly told the US government that they would shut the government down if they persued the antitrust actions against Microsoft. Apparently the government is using Microsoft OS's on their computers. I'd say China was smarter than our own government but what else is new.
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