Boy robbed of Xbox 360

By Justin Mann on November 22, 2005, 9:01 PM
All of you console gamers out there know that it was the big day today, being the release day of the Xbox 360. Akin to very popular movies or other tech devices, people were lined up outside of stores for hours on end, waiting to be one of the first to get their hands on one. If you were one of them, you may have noticed the ferocity and visciousness of some people. In North Dakota, a 17 year old boy was attacked and robbed of his newly aquired Xbox by two men. With all of the hype surrounding the new console, it's surprising we haven't heard more of this.

Is it worth robbing someone for $450 worth of new gear? Maybe it's one more reason to buy online - Unlikely e-thugs will break down your door to steal your brand new 7800 GTX.

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---agissi--- said:
Dude.. I'd be out with a saw'd off shotgun!
Supra said:
Anyone know what store this was at?(walmart, target, etc) At the walmart I went to there was a police officer in the parking lot making sure everyone made it to thier cars. A friend and I stayed at the store for nearly 4 hours to get the 8th of 8 x360's they had, we were disappointed though because we could only choose a core($300) system, Oh Well...
vfxraven19 said:
this sucks for the kid, Microsoft should compensate the kid for what happened.
al92lt1 said:
Yeah, right, Microsoft should compensate him and also finance his move to a better neighborhood with a lower crime rate. Yeah, it's all Microsoft's fault.
newunit said:
[b]Originally posted by vfxraven19:[/b][quote]this sucks for the kid, Microsoft should compensate the kid for what happened.[/quote]Sorry Iím kind of new here. I have a question that may show my noobness. Do they let all kinds of dumb arses post here or just vfxraven19? Why in Dogís name would MS have anything to do with this kid being ripped off? 1. MS send thugs in black suits out to steal one kidís 360. 2. Kid has to buy a new 360.3. ??4. Profit!I think vfxraven19 should have to compensate me for making the stupidest statement Iíve heard all week, I know itís still early in the week but I donít think this one will be beaten. His comment was so dumb I registered just so I could post and tell them how dumb he is!I need to get a life!
thatguygotpwned said:
wow, vfxraven19 just got pwned.
Snake3yes said:
I think what he was trying to say is it would be a nice gesture by MS to give the kid a new one.
newunit said:
[b]Originally posted by Snake3yes:[/b][quote]I think what he was trying to say is it would be a nice gesture by MS to give the kid a new one. [/quote]Maybe he was. I run almost all MS produces at home including a 25 CAL fully licensed enterprise version of W2K3 on my home lab server. Iím on a team that runs a large auto manufactureís messaging system all on MS products. I spent a year of my life working with and correcting the mistakes of 3 MS Consultants. I have the Windows Logo tattooed on my arse. I think I do way more to put money in the MS pocket and promote their products than one kid that got his 360 snatched. I think it would be a nice gesture for Uncle Bill and MS to buy me a house and a Porsche. But we all no thatís not going to happen, EVER!Yes I know, MS did in fact indirectly buy my house. Sincerely, thanks Bill. I do loves me some Windows. I make a good living D&Iing and supporting their products./I donít really have the Windows logo tattooed on my butt//Itís a portrait of Steve Ballmer ///I loves me some slashies////This site could use some good old slashies /////You knowÖto lighten things up a bit
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