Adobe starts monthly patch cycle

By Derek Sooman on December 18, 2005, 3:25 PM
Adobe is to begin releasing patches on a monthly basis, just like Microsoft. Starting within the next six months, the updates will cover most, if not all, of Adobe's products. Seemingly, this is in response to customer comments that the current system of ad hoc updates is not predictable enough.

Though most software companies have not moved to this kind of regular patching cycle, Gartner analyst John Pescatore believes it is likely to become an industry standard. "Microsoft has so many patches it really has developed the industry-leading way of dealing with them," he said. "We're definitely seeing many vendors moving to more predictable patch release."

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mentaljedi said:
Many patches show a sign of bad products. Good quality products don't need a patch every month!!!
EsTeBaNo said:
This are good news since all the products are not perfect..This can be very usefull to perfectionate all those bugs and errors!
Subservient said:
[b]Originally posted by mentaljedi:[/b][quote]Many patches show a sign of bad products. Good quality products don't need a patch every month!!![/quote]A good product WOULD get a patch every month so it would maintain it's good quality. WoW has a patch every month... is that a bad quality product too?
spyker_c8 said:
awesome...another program I need to update monthly now...:PI don't mind the hassle but its still that...a hassle...
smtkr said:
What they really want to do is release a crappy product out of the door and let the product call home for every update so they can keep tabs on who is using their products. *rolls eyes*
cyrax said:
As long as the patches not too large, i guess i could live with that. i'm just happy that their acrobat doesn't take forever to load. Now if only if they could do that for photoshop.
vnf4ultra said:
I'm not sure why it matters when patches are released. Most programs automatically check for updates when connected to the internet and tell you if updates are available. What does it matter if the updates are released on a certain day. If the update is important, I'd want it immediately rather than waiting for "patch day".
mofoed said:
I agree with vnf4ultra, I would much rather have the patch immediatly rather than a certain time period. But oh well, I hope it's not every month, then it does show of a sign of a faulty product.
PanicX said:
So true! When a critical security flaw is found in a product that would allow remote execution of code and they miss patch day, you'll have to be vulnerable for a month while using that software. How sane is that? How could you convince your customers to use your product, knowing that it can cause them irrepairable harm, especially when you have a fix that you can't release because of some nonsense policy? Honestly, how can you complain about an unusual patch time when you can hold off patching until it's convenient for you? It's not like your hand is being forced to click the "Install" button. Why make everyone wait for the sake of the few? This type of corporate policy really baffles me.[quote]WoW has a patch every month... is that a bad quality product too?[/quote]Yes. But not necessarily because of the patching.
Bartzy said:
But Adobe doesn't usually has programs that can have "critical security flaws", so gathering all the patches in one day is not such a bad idea. instead of downloading a patch every week or so (for example), reseting the program etc, you are doing this only once at a month.Microsoft's Windows Update is terrible, I hate it. If other companies will use it it will be awful...
PanicX said:
Its not a matter of usual products. If any product has such a flaw it should be addressed immediately, not postponed for release convience at the expense of security.[url=
/2100-1002_3-5744677.html]Adobe Creative Suite Security Flaw[/url]Even their main suite of products can allow unauthorized remote access.
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