Apple will rule notebook world?

By Derek Sooman on December 19, 2005, 6:03 PM
A recent study has unveiled that Apple is to take centre stage next year in the brand-name notebook world. The company is expected to ship 3.27 million notebook computers worldwide next year, an increase of 42 percent compared to 2.29 million units this year, according to the Topology Research Institute. This means that Apple's market share in the worldwide notebook market will rise to 4.7 percent from 3.9 percent this year. Apple notebooks are set to really attract consumer attention next year when they will unveil light-weight models with a stylish new design.

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Didou said:
I'm thinking about getting one myself, either that or a Mac mini. I would need a laptop, the Mac mini would be just for fun though so I think it'll be an iBook.I wonder if the Intel based iBooks will be dual-core. Maybe dual-core will be for powerbooks & single-core only for iBooks.
PanicX said:
While they sure do look pretty, I'm still a Thinkpad kinda guy. I should probably give the Apples a closer look, but being a net admin, having a built in serial port is a huge plus for accessing network hardware and built in biometrics is crazy cool. [url=
ad biometrics[/url]
DragonMaster said:
Having something that has other ports than USB, Firewire and CD/DVD is something good. Before there was USB flash, guess how the people having iBooks w/o burners were doing to move big files? (When everybody was on dialup also)I saw a lot of cases with people having broken iBooks and that the repair would cost more than a new one. (And they were not replacing the good part also...)
Mictlantecuhtli said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]Having something that has other ports than USB, Firewire and CD/DVD is something good. Before there was USB flash, guess how the people having iBooks w/o burners were doing to move big files? [/quote]With iBook's FireWire target disk mode, that's how I back up my iBook to desktop Linux machine.
Bartzy said:
iBook and Powerbook (which looks very tempting) are pretty expensive. There are many other notebook manufacturers that sell great notebooks in lower prices. Take gigabyte for example, with its new lineup. You are getting 2GHz Intel Dothan, 512MB DDR, 80GB 5400RPM, DVDRW, X700 Mobile (!!!), and it costs less than the cheapest PowerBook.So again, unless you need a Mac for designing and video editing, you don't need to spend so much money for a Notebook (or a computer at all). Mac's are great and easy to use and its pretty fun, but the price is just too high.[Edited by Bartzy on 2005-12-20 03:17:54]
Mictlantecuhtli said:
iBooks expensive?Of course you're going to find cheaper laptops from PC manufacturers. They have direct competition there. No one is making Apple clone laptops or desktops at the moment.And there's the eternal debate about TCO (total cost of ownership), will they really be more expensive considering all antivirus applications etc. needed on PCs...
vnf4ultra said:
I can't believe that most people would want an apple. I think most people are used to windows, and I don't think most people want to learn a new os, just to have nice looking hardware. If apple becomes really popular though, then they will be the target of virus and spyware makers, and then they won't be considered "virusfree" anymore.
asphix said:
I've never been much of an Apple fan. Its not that I think their hardware is bad, I just always found the PC to offer everything I need and am a firm believer of "if it ain't broke, dont fix it"However, Apples move to use Intel chips will make their moble products a LOT more viable for their intended usage. Anything said at this point is pure speculation, but in conjunction with the name the iPod has made for Apple I agree that these laptops will take off.Personally, I'm going to stick with my non-apple brand laptops (looking at XPS GEN 2) because I'm looking for something that can also double up as a MCE PC. It will be interesting to see what this added competition to the laptop market will push the other developers to come out with.In any case, wether you're an Apple fan or not the result will be in consumer benefit!
jettwo said:
I just don't see Apple putting much of a dent in the pc market. The cost is very high compared to many other notebooks with much more power. Althought there is much more software compatible with Apple than in the past years, there is still much more to choose from with the Windows pc's. They are gonna have to have a much better gimmick than good looks and light weight to turn the heads of the long-time Windows users.
sngx1275 said:
I bought a 15" Powerbook recently, and I'm really happy with it. Switching from Windows to OSX Tiger wasn't difficult, its actually simplier to navagate directories. But they won't make the gains they expect without lowering the prices, my powerbook cost me almost a month's salary.
barfarf said:
I am a PC guy but i grew up on macs and now i work in IT. I would tell newbie computer users if they need a laptop to get a mac. Here is why. Mac laptops are cheaper in the long run. Meaning you get greating return on your (ROI) investment over time.While you do pay for a price premium on macs they have less bugs and downtime compared to windows. Mostly due to almost no spyware, hackers and virus compared to Windows systems. Which results over time less issues for the end user. How many end users do you know how to update and use anti-spyware, anti-virus and firewall. Even more importtanly know how to do that stuff consistantly. Most important of all my mom wont call me with endless newbie annoying questions. That is priceless =)
DragonMaster said:
Total cost of ownership higher on Windows? I never had any spywares, viruses, hacker attacks or what ever with Linux and Windows and I never spent a single buck on software. I set my anti-virus so that it auto-updates and Windows to update automatically. Maybe MacOS has less bugs than Windows but the ones on MasOS are annoying, because there are interface bugs. While Windows has about only IE bugs, which I don't even use.I just use free software : AVG AntiVirus, Kerio Personal Firewall 2, OpenOffice, Winamp, IrfanView, Spybot S&D, IZArc, etc. All free great apps. Mac better for video, etc.? All the apps can be found on both Win and MacOS.People that don't know how to update their AV, and Windows Update don't know how to update their Mac. And you can setup your anti virus and Windows Update so that the person using the computer doesn't have to worry about it.Oh and the person I know that uses a Mac has to call me because the Mac crashed and she doesn't know what to do. BTW every times I use a mac it crashes. Could you explain me why everything I read from Mac users seems BS to me?
gecko2648 said:
I am really looking forward to the new apple notebooks / desktops that utilise the yonah processors as that will enable myself to use windows and mac os which is great for the kind of work I do as I am an IT technician at a school and would allow myself to test things out with regards to having my own "Test Lan" so to speak between one of the apple notebook / desktops that use a yonah cpu hence being able to connect it to my computer as a mac or as a windows machine to test out a variety of things.Not just that but I really hope the battery life , weight and I hope it looks decent !!
mentaljedi said:
I guess it all comes down to the price and the processor. That's my main concern, everything else i can modify. I wouldn't get an Apple at the moment because those two don't balance with Apple but we'll see next year when i plan to buy one in June.
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