Real-time texting for deaf people

By Derek Sooman on December 22, 2005, 11:31 AM
Software has been developed that will enable deaf people to have real-time text conversations using a mobile phone. The Royal National Institute for Deaf people (RNID), who created the software, claim however that some mobile operators have yet to fulfil a legal obligation to make their services accessible, and with only Vodafone having a relay service that uses the technology.

The charity says it will dramatically improve the ability of deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people to communicate in real-time.

The application can be used on any modern mobile handset, and allows character by character text communication of unlimited duration.

Compatible handsets include Nokia Communicator 9210, 9300 and 9500; Nokia 6822; and Sony Ericsson P900 and P910.

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MonkeyMan said:
This is a big step in modern technology. I do believe that sales will be dramatically increased because of this new technology. I for one, thank vodafone for picking up the software, and using it in their company. Its nice to know that some people care about ppl who are disabled, or have some other type of problem. Great job, and I see this company getting a great repution because of it.
cyrax said:
This probably the best news in a long time. Here is a service that actually seems to be positive and non exclusive for these people. Look foward for more news on this.
asphix said:
are we talking about texting on sidekicks? Or are we talking standard 10 button texting?They say its real-time.. so I'm assuming its something a bit more intuitive than the 10 key standard used today. Either way, now deaf people can use cell phones too!But I hate text messages.. why sit there and type somethign when you can say it?
doomsweek said:
[b]Originally posted by asphix:[/b][quote]But I hate text messages.. why sit there and type somethign when you can say it?[/quote]Well, they are deaf, they can't hear each other talking/shouting on the phone. I also hate text messages, but they are cheaper than calling the person.
Subservient said:
They should develop a new device that is stricly for text messaging, because it's pointless for deaf people to pay for a cell phone plan if they aren't going to be calling anyone. I'm surprised nobody thought of this earlier.. like it's pretty obvious.
barfarf said:
Here is a service that allow deaf people to type out a message online and some Sprint person will read aloud the message to any telephone number.www.sprintrelayonline.comI found this out when my 12 year od niece was pranking ppl with it. Bad niece. =)
mentaljedi said:
Lol. I'm hard of hearing and that would be really useful but i have a funny feeeling that perhaps more non-deaf people will start using it. Don't know why though, perhaps for pranks etc... or for chat lines or something like that where you don't want them heaing your own voice!
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