nVidia Forceware 81.98 drivers available

By Justin Mann on December 23, 2005, 11:02 AM
The latest set of WHQL Certified Forceware drivers from nVidia are available. Release version 81.98, for 32-bit Windows XP (and 2000) brings out a good list of bug fixes along with some very interesting features like mixed-vendor SLI support. Though one may wonder why you would buy different vendor cards to begin with, now if you happen to have different vendors for your cards they should work! Interesting stuff. They've adapted to better make use of dual-core CPUs and added some other enhancements as well. You can get them at nVidia's site, along with a full change list. If you are using a newer nVidia card, go for it.

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PanicX said:
Dual vendor support not only makes sense but is a great idea. If you happen to be a gamer on a budget, and only buy 1 card on an SLi system, you have the opportunity to expand your rig when you come across a good deal. This way you're not locked into a specific card should they be unavailable for any reason when you want to upgrade.
realblackstuff said:
Look at the Version NUMBER: 81.98Can't these people ever get it right?They are almost worse than Micro$haft!I have not updated my drivers in 3 years, moving the card from PC to PC (Matrox G550, yes, an oldie but Goldie!) and I've never had any issues whatsoever!
PanicX said:
I actually find the high driver number reassuring. If ATI was half as committed to drivers as nVidia their cards might actually work correctly in a linux system. Also, I'm pretty sure that the nVidia drivers are constantly modified simply to add support for newer cards. You'll see that their driver pack covers ALL Geforce series cards besides the mobile chipsets.
barfarf said:
I am excited the about more dual core support. I plan on upgrading my computer mid-year next year when the new amd M2 come out. I wonder ig the dual core support nvidia add is for amd or intel or both.
---agissi--- said:
I think whats really cool is the fact that they can add dual vendor and dual core support through the drivers.. you dont have to get some new chipset,etc.
Eleventeen said:
Hooray more drivers to download. Oh well, usually the higher the version the better it is... usually. Im really happy that nVidia has spent alot of time making these drivers and making us get the most out of our cards.
cyrax said:
actually, i got a nice smoothing of performance on my old geforce2 ti. .small increase in fps....but an increase none the less.
Handyman said:
Well for people with nVidia video cards it's only good news. What everyone should keep in mind is that with the newer drivers there is a tendency for better performance when using Antialising, but also a small drop in FPS without any AA.(mostly for older cards).www.guru3d.com/article/article/170/
PUTALE said:
has anyone tried this driver with a dual core system? the older driver has issue with the dual core system setup in games.
mentaljedi said:
duel core? Good. Well done nVidia. Not much else needed to be said except... we're waiting ATI.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, I have a 6600GT (EVGA) And I am unable to use these drivers. I can only use the 66.93 & 81. When I use this driver my PC always crashes unfortunaely. But on the bright side, its a great driver, and a must for all ppl who can be able to use it.
nathanskywalker said:
wahooo, goodie goodie!
Kev_Boy said:
This isn't completely related, but, for the motherboard driver they have an AMD/Intel X16 option.Does that mean simply mean all PCI Express x16 motherboards or SLI mobos? Since they state it's their first release, I do suppose SLI boards (with twin x16 slots perhaps)
PUTALE said:
MonkeyMan, that's odd. Did you check your card's bios? nvidia's driver is suppose to support all teh cards, it shoudln't crash your system. maybe you need to update your card/system's bios and drivers.Kev_boyThe amd/intel x16 driver is for board where you have dual 16x pcie lane. If you have a chipset where it uses SLI, nforce4 Ultra, then you should use the amd chipset driver. These x16 driver are for the newer mobo where it has true 16x lanes on both of the pcie.
Bartzy said:
[b]Originally posted by realblackstuff:[/b][quote]Look at the Version NUMBER: 81.98Can't these people ever get it right?They are almost worse than Micro$haft!I have not updated my drivers in 3 years, moving the card from PC to PC (Matrox G550, yes, an oldie but Goldie!) and I've never had any issues whatsoever![/quote]So ?!Drivers updates are always a good thing. It brings you with the best performance you can get from your card. So what if there are 10000 versions ? It's only a sign that Nvidia (and ATI, which started this Driver-madness) is a caring company.
PUTALE said:
that's only partially true. we also have driver updates because the old drivers are buggy:). even with updates, some are still buggy. Genereally speaking, driver updates do bring better performance, but i have also seen some of the drivers that causes havec.
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