RIAA asks US to strike Russia

By Derek Sooman on December 27, 2005, 5:04 PM
When will the RIAA crusades ever end? In their latest move, the association is putting pressure on the US Senate to help deal with the piracy situation in Russia. According to a letter the RIAA has managed to get a bill sponsored in the Senate that will get Russia thrown out of the World Trade Organisation if it doesnít take action to purge the nation of its piracy antics.

The RIAA wants Russia to know that unless it submits to its demands to stop acting as a safe haven for pirates then there is no chance of it getting decent trading conditions with the US.
Am I the only one who thinks that this is just starting to go a little bit too far? Are we to jeopardise Russian trading with the US over kids downloading MP3s now? Why does the RIAA seem to think that the whole world should stop over illegal music downloading, when there are plenty of evils in the world out there to get your knickers in a twist about first? Recently, the music industry postulated that we should send the owners of websites who post song lyrics to jail. What I donít understand is why we donít try harder to send more rapists and murderers there first.

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PanicX said:
Well, rapists and murderers must pay for their music, so they're no concern of the RIAA. However, it is absurd to base national trading policies on the whim's of a corporate industry. Any senator that gives way to this sort of lobbying should be drawn and quartered, IMHO.
Bartzy said:
Great news item ! I embrace every single word, specially the last part. Why dealing with this nonsense, when you have terrorists, murderers and thiefs just outside your house ?!Get Russia thrown out of the World Trade Organisation ? For not doing enough on the subject of piracy ? does RIAA has gone completely out of its mind ? Maybe we'll just strike Russia with Nuculear missiles... piracy is ruling there ! Hah.
nimo333 said:
I wonder how much RIAA makes money a year; I'm sure it's a lot and that's how they got the money and power to interfere with politics. We must destroy these bourgeoise with knowledge so they can interfere no more.
spike said:
wouldn't/doesn't suprise me. It also wouldn't suprise me if it turned out that the guy/gal at the top of the RIAA was acctually Hitler (having been in hiding since 1945), and it was in fact the head of the RIAA that wrote the Sober.AH worm to poropagate Nazi propaganda around the world (this thing about Russia being part of his evil scheme).Ok, that's a pretty outlandish statement, but lets face it, whoever the head honcho of the RIAA is, his/her attitude seems bent on world domination and submission to his/her every whim - but we all knew that anyway.
cyrax said:
At last the riaa proves what we all suspected for years. They are the real reason the deamons from doom2 tried to invade earth. They were fed up of being harassed and decided to "rectify" the problem.
realblackstuff said:
The impression is growing, that Bill Gates owns the RIAA.Anti-piracy terms forced on other countries would suit HIM most, wouldn't they?
otmakus said:
Everything that is too big is bad. The RIAA has enough power to put pressure to US Senate to threaten to throw Russia out of WTO, thus jeopardizing the relationship between the two countries and risks starting Cold War II. And all that because Russia doesn't do anything to help RIAA gets more money (and more power).
mentaljedi said:
RIAA should do to hell for all i care. They're worse than Microsoft! What bullies! I mean, they're praticlly trying to start another COLD WAR!!!!! Everyone get to your bunkers! Man the mp3 turrets... DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!
luvhuffer said:
I buy my music. Unfortunately, for RIAA I buy it from a Russian site called www.allofmp3.com for 2 cents a MB and up depending on the Bitrate. Do you think Dia-RIAA should go after their business sites as well?Maybe we can pressure the Russians to put Sony DRMs on their missle software too! LOL
Fly said:
Omfg, Riaa should be vanished from the face of the earth. Have they ever done anything useful? No, claiming that for example a 8 year old girl used to download her songs and therefore has to pay 2000 dollars. I mean c'mon, they've already sued dead people, what will they do next? Taking their acts to abroad...sigh.
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