GameFly stops renting to owners of defective 360s

By Justin Mann on January 2, 2006, 3:59 PM
The 360 just isn't getting a break. The problem of very scratched up discs is rearing its ugly head again, and this time some companies are fed up. GameFly has resorted to no longer renting games to people who return damaged discs, most notably the discs scratched by faulty hardware, and are charging people fees if it happens again. Microsoft issued the same generic statement they did when the problem with overheating was big, “We have received a few isolated reports of consoles not working as expected. The call rate is well below what you'd expect for a consumer electronics product of this complexity.” This also comes amidst poor sales of the console in Japan, normally one of the largest console markets. Perhaps we will see 360 “Version 2” in the near future. People with defective consoles are referred to Microsoft. Whether or not GameFly should be punishing customers for something that isn't their fault is up in the air.

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luismigilbert said:
maybe a Service Pack for x box 360 could help..
mentaljedi said:
[b]Originally posted by luismigilbert:[/b][quote]maybe a Service Pack for x box 360 could help..[/quote]Not likely. SP2 for Microsfot fixed loads, but then was a pain later. Xbox the same. I've heard problems with PS/2 very rarely and i've never heard of Nintendo making anythging as faulty as Microsoft does. NEVER!
blue_dragon said:
Well if Gamefly doesnt do this? Who ends up loosing? Gamefly
Soul Harvester said:
[b]Originally posted by blue_dragon:[/b][quote]Well if Gamefly doesnt do this? Who ends up loosing? Gamefly[/quote]I don't think GameFly is wrong for doing this. I'm just sure that some people are going to take exception to getting charged for a disc getting ruined, even though it was due to a manufacturers defect, nothing they did wrong.
Eleventeen said:
Gamefly ends up losing both ways if you think about it. If they don't punish customers who return bad discs, although not their fault, Gamefly gets stuck with more scratchy discs. On the other hand, if they do punish customers and not allow them to rent any more games, then Gamefly will be losing money, perhaps alot, from all the people who used to rent and are banned now. Unless of course they just fine them every time they return a scratched disk, it just depends how much. This is all Microsofts fault, why can't they learn that they should concentrate more on the issues the product has rather then who gets it on the market first.
nathanskywalker said:
[url][/url]ouchie! Well,you know, this won't fix the current problems, but i think we need another solid media, or faster, cheaper, internet, for consoles as well. Personally i think something simliar to the USB flash drive would be a good alternative. Unfortuanently, i don't think anything over a gig in capacity is even produced yet, and those are very for now, guess we're just gonna have to learn to take care of our stuff....gosh darn...
otmakus said:
No matter whose fault it is, Gamefly should be allowed to punish their customers. They rent perfectly playable disks, and they expect those disks to be returned still playable. It's then up to the customers to punish Microsoft for selling defective products.
Rage_3K_Moiz said:
But a service pack would only fix software issues. What would it help if the hardware itself was faulty?
CrossFire851 said:
[b]Originally posted by nathanskywalker:[/b][quote][url]
ry?cId=3145847[/url]ouchie! Well,you know, this won't fix the current problems, but i think we need another solid media, or faster, cheaper, internet, for consoles as well. Personally i think something simliar to the USB flash drive would be a good alternative. Unfortuanently, i don't think anything over a gig in capacity is even produced yet, and those are very for now, guess we're just gonna have to learn to take care of our stuff....gosh darn...[/quote]The make a 8gb fd........... good idea i was thinking of the same idea
asphix said:
I agree with most everyone who has posted already. Gamefly has every right to limit whoever they want from access to their service. I'm sure they are covered in their EULA when you sign up, or they woudln't be doing this.I doubt these disks are being scratched through normal use. Its already been discovered that the scratches occur when you change the orientation of the system while a disk is in motion. Regardless, there isnt much Microsoft can do about the issue now as they dont manufacture the DVD-Rom and I'm sure they have a set contract for a certain amount of units.Its very well known that Sony has had a ton of problems with their consoles, from overheating to laser motors failing (ever have to place your PS upside down to get it to read a disk???) and the list goes on. So while it would be best with no issues, a console having problems at launch shouldn't be a huge surprise. The only consoles that rarely have issues are Nintendos, but I'm sure those have had their issues as well.[Edited by asphix on 2006-01-03 07:44:06]
Bartzy said:
I don't think we'll here so much problems from the PS3. If you noticed, TechSpot updates us with a news item about the Xbox 360 every 2-3 days. Usually, It's bad news. I'm actually thought the new Xbox will be a great success. It turned out that I was right and wrong. People snatched the console from the stores (in US), only to find out that some of them are corrupt. Microsoft should get itself together and recall corrupt consoles. Things can't go on like this, and tons of potential consumers are running away from the Xbox and waiting for the PS3. It's a shame, because technicly, the Xbox 360 really is a great console.In contradiction to you all, I think GameFly made a mistake when they punished costumers for returning scratched discs, and even a bigger mistake when they published it to the press. Why ? Simple answer - They lose costumers. If they banning costumers, they are losing them. If they fine costumers, we all know they will not rent again from GameFly. GameFly needs to understand that and they should make a warning system. After a couple of warnings, fines should be emitted.
i82much said:
I was thinking about getting an xbox 360, but all these news stories make me want to wait until all the problems get ironed out..
raystorm said:
Eh..I sort of expect some issues with new consoles these days. I remember when the PS1 came out there were people that had their PSX laser (that reads discs) break down. You have similar issues with the PS2 and Xbox when they first came out like people replacing xbox dvd drives (those Thompson drives), hard drives dying..etc. I'll also wait until the kinks are ironed out. A few friends I know with 360's haven't had any problems whatsoever though.
asphix said:
Bartzy, you have a valid point about losing customers. Its a touchy and controveral situation. What good are customers who return defective merchandise? Isn't receiving repeatedly destroyed disks from the same customer the same loss if not worse than losing a customer completely?Also, an important thing to keep in mind is that gamefly is one of the only places you can rent x360 games currently. No local or national rental stores/chains are carrying x360 games yet. Unless Blockbuster just recently started stocking the shelves without my knowing it.I came across this article today while doing my rounds. Its pure rumor/speculation (with a hint of supposid credibility to it) but I'll leave that for you all to chew on.[url]
th-issues-delay-likely-145801.php[/url]and don't get me wrong, I'll be purchasing a Ps3 as well. I just don't like when people bash one side without acknowleding the shortcomings of the other.
Rhianntp said:
I have never been much into non-computer gaming anyway :)
Bartzy said:
ashpix, It's fine that PS3 has problems. As we can see in the link you brought us, Sony will probably delay its release. The problem is Microsoft didn't do that. They just released a console full of problems and thought nothing will happen. It's just a shame because it has great potential.About GameFly - I just said that if a costumer returned one or two defective games, he shouldn't be fined but only warned. After that - Fine him. What you said is exactly my point - If someone returns some defective games - he will be punished.
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