High-speed internet access via lamp-posts

By Derek Sooman on January 4, 2006, 1:10 PM
In my home land of Scotland, trials are set to start of smart lamp-posts that provide high-speed internet access. The idea will be tested in Dundee later this month. If successful, the system could be rolled out to more areas.

The idea combines lamp-posts with solar energy and "wi-fi" wireless internet access.

The lamp-post use light-emitting diode (LED) technology to provide bright light using low power derived from solar cells which use daylight to recharge even in overcast weather.

The company involved in the project, Compliance Technology, said that Scottish councils had already demonstrated a lot of interest in the project, which could be getting rolled out to other areas in Scotland including Orkney, Perth and Kinross, and Dumfries and Galloway.

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PUTALE said:
sounds like a cool idea. I think government need to promote more broadband access and specially wireless access outside, so people can have access to internet much easily.
Masque said:
This is the type of cooperation that needs to develop between communites and businesses......it sounds like a valid idea.
asphix said:
I agree PUTALE, and this sounds like a great thing! Having wifi like this would be a dream come true.I think something that holds a lot of governments back is the cost and time invested into maintaining somthing such as this and also the potential liabilities.
cyrax said:
Sound excellent.Will actually put some use to the lamposts other than takin up space.
Crofty74 said:
I still have the image of a dog peeing up a lampost in my head, followed by late night revellers and kids throwing bricks at the lights (why do they do that).It be a new sport, take out the local wifi network and get the lamppost in one manouver.
Nodsu said:
Solar energy in Scotland? So the service will be available for one week in a year? :p
callanish said:
Being from Scotland myself, "Solar cells that recharge in overcast weather". They must be some solar cells if they work in Scotland. I'm thinking wi-fi that runs on a rain catching technology. We'll be able to power the worlds energy needs with that alone. :-)
nathanskywalker said:
all you need to know about LED's[url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode[
url]Oh, sweet! now that is a good idea, looks like i misunderstood what the article was saying! nice, lamp posts emitting something other than just light, now that would be nice. Wow, if this works out,though, how is this going to affect the internet industry? I mean, will internet really need to be paid for? I guess still homes would need to pay to access it or something. Of course, this would probably start in parks and places like that. Sounds like this is gonna take a little work, but sounds like a very good idea. Now next idea, how about we just implant the wi-fi transmitors in the conrete? j/k.
CrossFire851 said:
I think this would be a very good idea because lamp posts are up a good 30 feet in the air and there usaly a good 50 yards, at most away so you could connect to severl of them and have good connectivity.My question is will you have to pay for it? How much?Second, how fast will it be? Will it be to slow were as other users slow it down?
iluvnug said:
The internet seems to be promoted much more in Europe which is great. I wish the US would take lesson from Europe and promote the internet as well.
luvhuffer said:
My question is this...Is the ultimate provider going to be the councils mentioned in the blurb? If so, will they be able to influence the content? I don't like anything once the government gets their fingers in the pie/cake.
otmakus said:
[b]Originally posted by iluvnug:[/b][quote]The internet seems to be promoted much more in Europe which is great. I wish the US would take lesson from Europe and promote the internet as well. [/quote]I wish Asia would take lesson from the rest of the world. It seems internet is considered important only in Japan, Korea, and Singapore (and China too, I guess). For the rest of us, we can only dream.I wonder why the big players in internet industry never consider entering Asian market. Instead of competing to the death in Europe and the US, they should go to Asia, where there are only local providers, who charge 384Kbps DSL connection for 410$/month.
Rhianntp said:
Another great idea!
mentaljedi said:
I like the whole idea except for the solar energy part. Maybe in Africa where it never rains, but scotland? Hopefully they can still recharge when its cloudy properly... But still, great news and i'm all for it.
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