Xbox 360 to get Blu-ray Disc drive?

By Derek Sooman on January 12, 2006, 8:06 PM
Amid rumours that the Xbox 360 games console might be getting gifted with an HD DVD drive (or not, as the case may be), it has now also emerged that the next generation console may ship with a Blu-ray Disc drive as an alternative, should consumers prefer that next-generation optical disc format over HD DVD. Yes, Microsoft is in typical fashion keeping its options open, ready to embrace whatever format wins the next generation DVD format war.

Seemingly, there is now doubt over whether we will get HD DVD with Xbox 360 at all.

Speaking to Japanese-language website ITmedia, Microsoft's Peter Moore, head of the company's Interactive Entertainment Division, also said that the console will never sport an integrated HD DVD drive.
Let's just see what happens is what I say.

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asphix said:
Seems like Microsoft has covered themselves in this situation by allowing you to purchase an external drive add on. If HD-DVD doesnt survive they can always do the blu-ray thing.However, I was reading somewhere about how they think the next gen DVD add-on will never really catch on. It predicted that Microsofts true goal is to stream media in the future using xbox live from games, to movies and the like. How likely it is we will see that sort of thing with this upcomfing generation of consoles I cant say.. but it is an interesting prediction and does fall in line with what microsoft has been aiming at all along: a solid infrastructure that is in every house through which developers and content creators rely on.
MonkeyMan said:
Well, Microsoft needs great features included on the 360, to be able to compete in the upcoming console wars. I think its a great idea that Microsoft is keeping its options open, because it leaves room for even more improvement on the 360. Great job Microsoft, and good luck in the upcoming console wars.
PUTALE said:
Mmmh, MS is getting into the format war. To be honest, i personlly think that the whole format war should be fight in the closed door, when both companies are developing the technologies. Then there should be a international agreement on teh standard and set it. I hate to see that we, as the consumer, have to be forced into one or the other.
MonkeyMan said:
Well Putale, its all about the almighty dollar, and that my friend, is not a two way deal. Basically, the more consumers you have, the more profit you will make. So, that is why they try to force us to choose between the two. Actually, competition is needed in the business industry, because think about this, if there is no competition, would there be anyone pushing to improve or release new products? competition is needed to push companies to release new, and better products for consumers. Mostly, one company tries to outdue its competitors, by winning as many consumers as it possibly can, therefore producing high profit margins, and peak sales. Crazy isn't it? but I know how you feel Putale, we shouldn't be forced to buy one or the other, but I guess its just all part of business.
CrossFire851 said:
Well I like the fact M$ will be using Blue-ray but weren't they suppose to be backing up HD DVD. I wounder will they still be backing up HD DVD, and how long will the format war exist. As a consumer I dont want be with a un-supported format. Blue-Ray all the WAY!!!
cyrax said:
They look like they are reevaluating their position in the market and perhaps blu ray is the wasy to go. I hope for the 360's sake it doesn't become another sega 32x
zachig said:
WOW. This is really awesome news!!! This Xbox360 is really something. I'm really looking forward to see how the Sony PS3 will compete with it.
Delta said:
microsoft is so good at mixing gamers. personally it would be best to stick with current Format. Adding an addition format of xbox360 may mix things up. Try to compete on gaming levels. After all this is a console mainly.
asphix said:
A lot of you are misunderstanding. Microsoft isnt for sure going with blu-ray. Notice the question mark (?) at the end of the news bit's title? Its basically Moore stated that if HD-DVD doesnt catch on and blu-ray wins the war, Microsoft can easily add a blu-ray external device just as they can an HD-DVD. Microsoft is still supporting HD-DVD and I'm sure they would rather that be the winning format as they will be able to sell it at a lower price point without having to spend loads of $$ on royalties. But so far x360 is the only system with this form of upgradeability which I find very interesting.I agree with you monkeyman to an extent. Competition is good, but in this case its a bit more complicated than that. We arent talking video cards, or micro-processors here. Its not a piece of hardware that can run a ton of compatable software on it. These next-gen DVD players will be format specific. It would be as if buying an Intel CPU meant you could only play games that are programmed for Intel, or buying a Nvidia graphics card only allowed you to play games designed for Nvidia chips.Imagine having an AMD based system and finding out you cant play Quake 4 because its designed for an Intel machine. Imagine having a Nvidia graphics card and not being able to play Halflife 2 because you need to be running ATI. This sort of competition does not benefit the consumer or the industry because it tears it apart. Developers are forced to choose one way or another ultimately resulting in lower sales than if it were compatable on both, and consumers either choose one and go without whats offered on the other or spend large amounts of $$$ on purchasing both.End result, its the companies win.. and only one will win in the end.
mentaljedi said:
True Asphix.Competition is good to the point where it doesn't interfear with day to day gaming and applications. Then its not useful. I think that this move by Microsoft is a reply to the significant boost Blue-ray has achieved recently. However, this is a "just in case" move. They are still supporting HD-DVDs. I donb't care much about the winner, honestly, but i do think that a winner has to be decided before Vista comes out as that is the time when everyone will HAVE to get a new computer except for those running on Linux of course. If a winner isn't decided then consumers will put pressure to either decide on one or try to get a drive that can read/write both!
Need_a_Dell said:
A little weird if you ask me...Blu-Ray technology is actually licsenced by Sony, who also happens to be their main competition in the console war. It's almost like forfeiting. The PS3 was always said that it was going to ship with blu-ray, which the games will be stored on as well. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
paulwuzhere said:
Boo SONY! stick with PC gaming and make the Xbox 360 cheaper. Thats all I can say.
champmanfan said:
I think Microsoft should just put up or shut up and get on with making some more quality games. Anyway, the current DVD-ROM format isn't limiting them at all because they haven't reached the ceiling yet with the amount of space available to them on that disc. They would only cram it with even more FMV's and cutscenes.IF, they decide to go for HD-DVD, then maybe if it's as simple as popping along to a local hardware dealing selling the HD-DVD drives and installing it (free) in replace of the DVD-ROM drive, then i'm in favour. At least then you won't have something else trailing from your Xbox360 taking up even more room. That would make more sense than a stupid drive add-on taking up another one of your USB 2.0 ports.The PS3 fanboys will be having a right laugh if Microsoft have included this as an after-thought when Sony would have already decided to include it. It all depends on how well Sony use that extra Blu-ray space to stand out from the Xbox 360 and if the added content and graphics is worth an upgrade for Microsoft. I can actually see Microsoft re-releasing the Xbox 360 (in just over a years time) with the HD-DVD drive on.
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