As the DVD format wars rage on, HP has announced that it is to support HD DVD and that it will no longer support Blu-ray Disc format exclusively. The company will join the HD DVD Promotion Group. This may have been a result of HP asking the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) to add two features, Mandatory Managed Copy and iHD support, to the format, and being told that iHD was not going to be available.

iHD is Microsoft's HD-oriented interactivity sub-system, and will ship with Windows Vista. The BDA has already chosen Java as the BD format's interactivity foundation, and has said that while it will consider including iHD in a future iteration of the specification, it's not going to delay BD's debut to shoehorn it in.

Sorry, HP effectively said, that's just not good enough, and we'll support HD DVD if you don't do what we want.