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By Derek Sooman on January 25, 2006, 2:09 PM is to get its own UK version, which should hopefully launch within the next 30 days. The social networking site allows users to share video and photos, write blogs and network with other users, and has 50 million registered users.

The announcement was made by Fox Interactive Media president Ross Levinson at a meeting of the National Association of Television Programme Executives in Las Vegas.

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AeonXX said:
This makes me wonder how MySpace is affecting the US population's growth. I'm a member of MySpace, and I signed up to locate some of my old friends, but most people seem to be there to get some action. I wonder how this has affected the rate of accidental child birth, seeing as it's so easy to hook up with your new "buddy." Before MySpace there is the whole clubbing scene and bars, but this makes it so much easier for those that don't go to such places.At least the UK MySpace could be an awesome place to at least find new musical artists. I've been using the US MySpace for that as well, but it's still second to [url][/url].
asphix said:
Whaaaat?! If people werent using Myspace to hook up, they would be doing it through other means. I highly doubt myspace has any significant relation to birth rates. Before myspace, long distance "hook ups" were performed via chat-rooms and e-mails, Online dating sites and even before that phone services and classified ads.I dont really like this idea. I like the fact that right now it seems Myspace is an international service. There are people of all ethnicities and national backgrounds. Doing this will only promote segregation, and at no real benefit. I could understand if it were a country that speaks a completely different language than English.. then there would be some possible potential benefit. But the UK? I guess maybe the popularity has grown so much there is a need for seperation for organizational purposes. I still prefer it being "Myspace" as in, all people of the world than seperated.
AeonXX said:
No offense asphix, but I think you completely missed my point. My point was, MySpace made it easy, convenient, and quick to find other people without having to pay any kind of fee. Iím not saying that if MySpace did not exist the human race would die off; Iím merely wondering if it has had any impact on accidental birth rates. My question does not beg a response, merely a nod, because the results are indeterminable. As for MySpace being segregated, itís obviously a corporate venture to gain revenue through advertising, nothing more. At least thatís the way I see it.
nathanskywalker said:
Well, i'm not sure that another virtual community is going to fly to well. At least, if it does they're gonna have to have some serious advantages over myspace, and several others including xanga. lol, and i do belive that there are at least some people using myspace to "hook-up". It is a easy way to meat people. But if someone is that easy to get, then i don't think that an online community is going to make that much of a differrence as to whether or...well yeah anyway. And this is kind of off topic, but i really would like to comment on how "child birth" is being called "accidental".First of all, you should be married if you are to put yourself in that situation that is "abstenece works", and second "child-birth" is not an accident, but the entire purpose of...well yeah. My opinion anyway.
vigilante said:
In my opinion, Myspace has gone downhill, with the proliferation of completely offensive content, pics, vids etc...When the words "myspace" come out of someones mouth, most people associate with a bunch of raunchy teens doing their raunchy teen things.In other words, it does NOT carry the simple description of a "friendly place to meet people and make friends". Not in my experience. There doesn't seem to be any kind of filtering in the thing. So they get a thumbs down from me. And hopefully it doesn't go the same road in the UK.
gamingmage said:
Wow Myspace is everywhere. In high school it's like everyone has a myspace even if they don't have a computer.
Eleventeen said:
Yeah, almost everyone I talk to in school has MySpace. If you ask me though, I can't stand that site one bit. I don't know why, I just can't. A lot of people on there, not everyone, seems like they know everything in the world and are the most cocky people alive. I don't know how different it will be in the UK, but most of the people I talk to online are from across the seas, and they seem to be really nice. Hopefully the UK version of MySpace can turn things around.
Race said:
I think this was inevitable, and I see nothing wrong with it.Why shouldn't the UK music scene be able to promote new music, un-signed bands, etc. in the MySpace environment? It's been successful here.
mav451 said:
Lol i guess it's a necessary evil. Most people I know have Xanga/Facebook, but alot of them have MySpace too. Such is modern life online in the information age.
canadian said:
Ewwwwwww, myspace *Induces vomiting*
mentaljedi said:
Not suprising. It would have been nice to have one for the whole of the world, with the option of changing the language through your options. Maybe this new myspace is just that and we're getting worked up over nothing.
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