Intel demonstrates 45nm SRAM modules

By Justin Mann on January 25, 2006, 7:52 PM
More interesting Intel news, 45nm parts are being demonstrated by the chip giant. These aren't CPUs, but SRAM, and the technology is set to be available for market next year. This makes Intel happy of course, being the first to have working useable 45nm product available.

“Being first to high volume with 65nm process technology and the first with a working 45nm chip highlights Intel’s leadership position in chip technology and manufacturing,” said Bill Holt, vice president, general manger, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group. “Intel has a long history of translating technology leaps into tangible benefits that people appreciate. Our 45nm technology will provide the foundation for delivering PCs with improved performance–per– watt that will enhance the user experience.”
One the largest problems Intel faces, and other manufacturers, is current leakage faced with faster clock speeds on smaller processes. This manufacturing method will allow current leakage to produced, providing a more than linear decrease in power consumption, beneficial to hot desktops and power-starved laptops.

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flipi said:
This beeing the most interesting topic, we will all buy Amd cpus... Now beeing seriuos, it is a good news to hear that there is still room for improvement after what Intel said about reaching technology limits with the materials.
canadian said:
I really hope intel gets their act together, and makes processors capable of out-doing their AMD counterparts.
PUTALE said:
mmh, i had no idea that the SDRAM is also shrinking in size. I thought it's only the CPU only and chips. I wonder with the shrinking of SDRAM, will we get bigger ram per stick or less power consumption.
Cartz said:
I find Intel's marketting strategies hilarious.For years they push Mhz (and then Ghz) as the driving force behind the 'best' processors in the world. For all of the late 90's you didn't ask what brand of processor is in the computer, you'd ask "how fast?"... They'd give you a number in Mhz, and you'd know where it fell. Occasionally, someone would add "266Mhz, but its a cyrix" and you would frown at them...Then, along comes AMD, and blows away Intel, even though the clock speeds on their chips were far lower. So Intel changed their naming strategy, and started pushing FSB speeds as their big selling point...Again, AMD bests them, even though they're still using 'old' 200 Mhz FSBs. So now they've changed their stance again.... Now we're pushing die size as the be all and end all of performance. 90nm! 65nm! 45nm!!! Look at us! Kings of the hill again... Well, maybe not, the FX-60 which is 110nm (or is it 90? can't remember) still demolishes the first 65nm offerings in terms of performance, and is at least comparable, if not superior in terms of energy and heat usage. (may be mistaken here as well)Not that I don't think the process improvements made are insignificant, quite the opposite in fact, but I think that Intel focuses too much on a single aspect of chip design, instead of adopting the blanket strategy of 'good at all, master at none' that its debateably superior counterpart does.
nathanskywalker said:
And again...[url][/url]WEll, Intel really is going to need everything they have to keep AMD down, or morsoe, push AMD back down. And i don't think that is going to happen. Even with these new processors, Intel has a few adavantages, but AMD is still better and more affordable.
MonkeyMan said:
Wow, it looks like Intel is on the rise this year. I doubt if they will be able to keep up with AMD, but I think they are doing a great job of attempting to do so. I like both companies, but I'm glad that Intel is the first to integrate the 45nm product. I love ya Intel!!!!! and great job!!!!1
gamingmage said:
Come on Intel we want more. Hopefully sometime, somehow in the coming years Intel will get it together and come out with something that can go head-to-head with AMD processors.
djleyo said:
i know AMD is not going to keep their hands crossed this way prices will go down on the chip market thank computer gods for competition!!!
mentaljedi said:
Hmmm... i'm slightly wary of AMD at the moment. Only because of their recent price rise. I mean, okay, Intel hasn't been great but its not been awful. AMD however has been brilliant but i'm sure that its just temporary. I mean, they'll keep puting out great stuff, but they won't smash Intel to bits life everyone thinks AMD will. I just wonder if... can AMD keep it up? Or will we see the share of market share that ATI and Nvidia have?
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