Microsoft releases advisory on flaw in IE 5.5 and 5.01

By Justin Mann on February 8, 2006, 1:02 PM
Microsoft is warning us of yet another critical security flaw, but surprisingly this one is with fairly aging software. Windows 2000 and Windows ME are the only systems affected, and the software involved? IE 5.01 and IE 5.5. It's an offshoot of the WMF flaw that we saw a few weeks ago, though largely for the most part that has been fixed. The problem would result in a machine being compromised to the point of total control. Microsoft's suggestion is for those systems to upgrade to Internet Explorer 6, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. While the number of IE 5.5 and 5.01 users is dwindling, there are apparently enough to still make a security advisory worthwhile. If you happen to be one of the few affected upgrade soon.

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djleyo said:
Microsoft is warning us of yet another critical security flaw, doesnt surprise me and they want to charge for their one care program im wondering if they are going to charge a fee like 1.99 for these patches for security flaws with Win Vista
nathanskywalker said:
According to the my news sources, this was only a coulple hours ago that this information was released, nice techspot, staying on top of things here :) Reall? People still use IE 5.01? That was outdated years ago (almost). Wow, yeah upgrade to IE6, or if you can deal with the beat IE7 is rockin. Of course update. People just never fail to surprise me; fo those stuck with dial-up i can understand, but it's all those people out there who just have no clue. That just bothers me. People go and buy a nice machine (URGH this urks me !!!) and don't even bother to take care of it. Before you know what is happening, 2.4ghz, turns into 700mhz. Though, i must admit that the WMF flaw is not really something that you can expect everyone to know about, and is understandable if you are caught off guard by it. But seriously, keep the update running, minimum twice a week. Scan for viruses...well nvm, some people should just plain do that every day. I think it is safe to say MS saved face this time. All they are really doing for the time being is suggesting we upgrade to software we should have upgraded to a long time ago. And in a way this is good. Fewer people will be using older browers and mabye MS can halt tech support on those browsers sooner and get on to the real stuff.
Race said:
I suspect there are more people than you would think still using older computers, so it's a good thing that Microsoft is staying on top of some of their older software versions.I have one of these older systems, and I can't upgrade to IE 6. The machine simply doesn't meet the requirements for various reasons.The article indicates that MS may release a patch for this.I use this older system only occasionally for email and a few simple things on-line, but the time is drawing nearer when I'll probably have to pack it up.
Need_a_Dell said:
At least Microsoft found it. Some people out there are still using the older versions of Windows, and they will undoubtedly be thankful that this exploit came to light. Hopefully MS will be speedy with coming out with a patch for this. It would be a shame if they found this hole and then did nothing about it.
PUTALE said:
hehehe, it's hard to belive that MS woudl actually keep updating the old IE 5. You thought MS does not care about these old softwares:)>
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