Sony prices Blu-ray movies

By Derek Sooman on February 12, 2006, 9:35 AM
Sony Pictures has released details of the pricing for Blu-Ray movies. The company claims that movies from its back catalogue in the Blu-ray format will sell for $17.95, around the same price point as DVDs when they first entered the market. New movie releases will sell for $23.45. The company also announced pricing for DVD-UMD bundles. Universal Media Disc (UMD) is a DVD format created by Sony for use on the PlayStation Portable. New movies available on this format include The Grudge, Resident Evil, Underworld, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Terminator, priced at $28.95.

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Didou said:
So you pay +/- $15 for the DVD & you have to pay the same price for the same movie in a different format (UMD) ? How thoughtfull of Sony.
djleyo said:
umm doesnt sound so bad for the movies and format but the one im worrried about is the players im pretty sure they will cost around 300-400 dlls for now im sticking with regular dual layer disk and my sony up-conversion player or i will wait if hd-dvd comes out more cheaper
Kaleid said:
Perfectly OK prices considering it's new technology (high investments for production studios). Just like DVD it can be expected that the prices will fall as the both hardware and software has become more widely spread among the masses.
smtkr said:
Like the first guy said--it's annoying to pay for movies more than once. They can sell you duplicates, but you can't make your own :/
cyrax said:
Can sony be any more obvious? They aren't very subtle when it comes to exploitation. It smells like someone can't wait to cash in on the craze.
cold_storage said:
It's worth pointing out that those prices are the wholesale price and not the price you and I will be paying for the movies, unless *Insert favourite reailer here* decides to forego profit.I'd be much more impressed with SONY if they put a PSP formatted version of a movie in a folder on the DVD that you could drag onto your memory stick. Though bundling the UMD's at a discount is better than nothing, though it does feel like not only have they begun destroying fair use, but also kind of dancing on it's grave and slapping us around the face with its remnants by 'letting' you buy their content twice over, for 'only' $15 each.
evildust said:
HD-DVD will cost less expensive.I remember the day I gone to "Future Shop" (Best Buy) to buy Creative Encore DVD kit (first dvd-rom 2x + decoder card kit for pc) and my first dvd movie "Interview with a Vampire". The salesman said to me: "pff, don't buy it, dvd, it's not going to be popular..."
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