Sony to make it illegal to sell used PS3 games?

By Justin Mann on May 24, 2006, 7:44 PM
Ever take old console games to a pawn shop or video store? Ever trade them in for cash to someone else? Looks like Sony will try to make that illegal to do with PlayStation 3 games, in a move that would change owning the game into owning a license for the game, akin to owning a license for a copy of Windows. Sony is not commenting on these allegations, and they do own a patent that allows them to do just that. Though legality comes into question about how far a company can go to prevent you from selling an old game, there is probably a lot they can do to prevent stores and 2nd-hand retailers from doing that. That could impact a lot the future success of the PS3 in the long run. Could Sony actually pull this off? And would they? Well, if they would, they probably could. Let's hope not.

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canadian said:
Lol, there is so much about the PS3 that is detering people. I am going to get a Wii, and enjoy the simple fun of gaming.
imutau said:
I don't think it could happen. The market for used games especially on it's home turf (Japan) is huge and will eventually end up alienating its core audience. Another thing with this would be that retail software stores would probably balk and complain about such an idea seeing that most retail software stores make a huge percentage of their profits off of their used games sales. It could easily be argued that they make more off of used games than they do on new games. The only retailers it wouldn't affect would be the larger superstores like say Walmart, Toys R Us or Target. Who do zero business in used items unless they were customer returns.Logically speaking most consumers will be wise with their money when it comes to spending about $60 for a new game where as most for a third of the price wouldn't mind taking a chance on a used game and not sweat it if it turned out to not be worth the plastic it was imprinted on.This would also affect the rental market. How will this individual lisence affect companies like Blockbuster or Hollywood video, or internet companies like I think looking at it it just seems like more of a hassle then it is worth.I'm taking a wait and see attitude with this whole next generation scene. I like my PSP just fine for now.
voodoo_god said:
Sony... What are you doing???? you have birthed, then killed Minidisk, you have developed UMDvideo, which it already a giant flop because they are overpriced and cant be viewed on anything other than the overpriced psp, and now you want to do this???? Well i wont be buying a ps3 if that goes through....
Xavien said:
its simple, Sony for years has been trying to have its cake AND eat it. This is no different, its killing every format they are apart of and eventually the very Brand name that keeps them afloat. Im heading for the Wii and 360 by the time the PS3 comes out.
asphix said:
Dont jump the gun guys, this is in no way official.I remember when this first surfaced at the end of last summer, it was brought to the medias attention when Sony filed for the patent for the technology which would marry a media disc to the device its first played on.I doubt they will implement it on the ps3 though, at least not at first. They may build the technology into the unit to have it as a viable option in the future. For all we know, this may be something to be used in future copy protection schemes for blu-ray... All we know is that sony filed for a particular patent. No indication to what the plans are for it, or which branch of the Sony juggernaught will utilize it if any. Patents are often granted and never looked at again.I'm with most of you in that I'll be getting a Wii. I already have an x360. I'll wait a couple years for a Ps3 price drop.... but I'm not much for unfounded accusations, nor do I believe in any way that Sony is going anywhere. They wont have 60+% of the market anymore.. but they'll still be strong in the game.
tomrice32 said:
I don't think this is correct. Check out this article:[b]Rumour debunked: Reselling PS3 games illegal?by Bhavin Shah[/b]We would like to clear up a misconception that has been spreading the web today.It is being reported by various news sites that Sony has told retailers it will be illegal to sell second hand games, because consumers only buy a license to play the game, not to own it.We would like to confirm that this is untrue. Yes, Sony does have a patent to do this (sort of, see below), but they have already come out and confirmed that PS3 games will be playable on any PS3 console.In fact, these rumours were actually spread back in November last year. The issue was that Sony would create a dynamic DRM system so that each PS3 game would only play on one physical console (the first one you put it in). This would obviously mean rentals and reselling would no longer me possible.It was then that Sony made a statement:"This is false speculation and that PlayStation 3 software will not be copy protected to a single machine but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console."
nathanskywalker said:
[quote]In turn, it would be a catastrophe for retailers, which make a significant proportion of margin from used games. Consumers would likely be less than overjoyed.[/quote]no...really?
Julio said:
Indeed, the original article in no way implies this is an official measure to be taken by Sony. In a battle they are already losing because of the delays, it would make no sense to give gamers even less options.
mirob said:
url]Sony denied the story.
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