Solid-state drives expected to overtake mechanical storage by 2013

By Justin Mann on July 19, 2006, 11:05 AM
Flash is definitely becoming one of the quickest growing markets in high tech devices and is one that many of us look forward to. It's nice to hear that some people, such as research company In-Stat, are saying that in about 6 years they estimate that 50% of all mobile storage will be solid-state, a huge move away from the traditional mechanical disks of today. I also expect that hybrid drives will become quite big in the interim, until flash capacity can catch up to magnetic media. As the article brings out, however, the storage needs of many aren't so high that a 120GB disk is needed:

“The HDD industry has done a phenomenal job of driving areal densities; however, it is clear that there are user segments for which drive capacities far exceed the user’s need. When one examines the declining cost trends for Flash, the user's need for storage and the premium that consumers place on the benefits provided by SSDs, it is easy to see that there will be a clear demand for SSDs,” said Frank Dickson, In-Stat analyst.

Their research was apparently gained primarily from the opinion of people using mobile devices. We're already starting to see some hybrid technologies roll out, and even some pure flash-based disks (such as Gigabyte's PCI-attached flash disk). A full-sized laptop HDD with 40 gigs of flash space may not be that far off.

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DragonMaster said:
Probably less safe for long-period storage, there's a life-time to flash.
Soul Harvester said:
[b]Originally posted by DragonMaster:[/b][quote]Probably less safe for long-period storage, there's a life-time to flash.[/quote]All storage media has a limited lifespan, even tapes will eventually decay and hard drive platters will sag and become fatigued
DragonMaster said:
[quote]All storage media has a limited lifespan, even tapes will eventually decay and hard drive platters will sag and become fatigued[/quote]Sure, but flash isn't the one lasting the longest. As for tape, if well stored, it can last a couple of decades, and HDD, if used for backup and then just stored, for a very long time.
Yasmeen said:
I donno, but i think harddrives are more uhh safe. say for the flash drive, is it possible to erase everyting on it just by passing it through a current? i know that for harddrives they will dedgrede faster if you put them near magnetic stuff
DragonMaster said:
HDDs need a quite big magnetic field to die. (And transistors can be killed by magnetism too)Sure, static touches your flash drive and it's dead. Easy for viruses too. Even if the HDD electronics die, you can get an other HDD from the same model, and connect the other's PCB on the bottom of your dead drive and it will work. (You don't even need to open it!)The data on the HDD is quite safe, if the heads are worn out, you can send it to a company that will recover your data. Erased data on a flash drive IS erased for good.
zephead said:
i'll bet it happens sooner
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