Microsoft invites Mozilla developers to Redmond

By Justin Mann on August 25, 2006, 8:06 PM
Embrace and extend has been the hallmark of Microsoft for many years. Let's hope that in their most recent gesture of open arms to Mozilla doesn't also include a future “overcome”. Recently, Microsoft has invited Mozilla developers to Redmond to participate in a one on one crash debug session that will assist in integrating the Thunderbird client and Firefox browser into Vista. With all the new options Vista opens up for application functionality, such as default programs, enhanced security options and protected kernel code, often applications require significant rewriting to make them function properly. While the Mozilla team is already developing for Vista, they mentioned they would very much like to make the trip:

In reply, Mike Beltzner, a "phenomenologist" for Mozilla and the company's spokesman on this issue, said: "Yes, we'd definitely be interested in getting some one-to-one support".
But Beltzner pointed out that Mozilla had already "been testing on Vista" with Firefox and Thunderbird "as well as working to ensure that we take advantage of the new 'Default Program' infrastructure".

Firefox has stolen a lot of thunder from Microsoft, and continues to do so. One can only wonder if this is part of a deeper Microsoft plan to become embedded in open source to somehow make a profit out of it. Whether they are or not, it is encouraging to see giant companies like MS being more open to integration with open source software.

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fenham said:
An obvious question - have they also invited the mob from Opera as well?
Strakian said:
Clearly they plan to kill them all and remove them from the market. Didn't everyone see "The Island"? I'm getting a similar vibe.
canadian said:
I guess... Bill gates in the bedroom with a rusty knife.
Julio said:
I don't see anything wrong with this. As an OS developer Microsoft is making sure interoperability is high, after all Firefox has already got enough market share to become relevant to them not only as a competitor but as a software partner.
nathanskywalker said:
Uh-oh.....NO mozilla! don't negotiate! don't negotiate! Ok whatever, hey, mabye this means ol' bill has the common sense to see that firefox is going to overtake i.e. He would do far better to simply work with them. Then again, that isn't really like MS is it?
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