Microsoft given 8 days to release protocol information

By Justin Mann on November 15, 2006, 12:36 PM
Microsoft continues to earn the ire of the EU. The constant back and forth has seen promises of change from the company, hundreds of millions dollars demanded in fines, threats of more fines and threats of software lockouts. Now, Microsoft has 8 days to come into compliance with the EU's requirements to hand over protocol information to their competitors, in the interest of a stable market.

The biggest contention here is Microsoft's built-in incompatibility with other technologies, which, for better or for worse, influences people's buying decisions. Though they threatened to delay Vista or perhaps even refuse releasing it in some areas of the EU, they quickly backed down from that and supposedly will offer more “region-customized” distributions. That isn't enough to satisfy the EU, who want to see 3rd parties be given the information they need to create competing software using various ubiquitous Microsoft protocols. If the 8 days expires and nothing has been done, more fines will be added to the already 777.5 Million Euro tab.

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jesse_hz said:
Oh for heavens sake just use Linux.
Gamingmage said:
this is stupid the EU needs to back down i mean if Microsoft made it then they have a right to keep it, its just retarded the EU is lucky that Microsoft has a market there if they didnt then i bet Microsoft would release it there i wish they would do that to show them whats what....
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Why is is stupid to try to control a company which has a monopoly here?
tekgun said:
You are not forced to buy microsoft products, why should they spend millions devoloping something and then have to give it away free to thier competitors. You could always write your own OS or use Linux and good luck with that btw. Coming from probably the most corrupt offcials on the planet it just stinks, what has the fines been spent on i wonder.
zephead said:
ahh, what a bunch of crap. microsoft has been doing this kind of stuff for years, why did the EU not fine them back then?
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