Nintendo balks at class-action Wiimote lawsuit

By Justin Mann on December 21, 2006, 1:14 PM
In response to the class-action lawsuit that has been brought up against them, Nintendo has made a statement claiming that the suit is completely without merit. This isn't surprising at all, considering Nintendo's pre-emptive actions before the suit was filed and the somewhat serious claims it makes. They said as such in short:

"At the time we became aware of the lawsuit, we had already taken appropriate steps to reinforce with consumers the proper use of the Wii Remote and had made stronger replacement wrist straps available. This suit has had no effect on those efforts," said the company.
The suit leaves an open-ended section for further recompensation to people affected by broken controllers, meaning that a lot more could be at stake than the cost of the controller, or perhaps the cost of damaged equipment. We've yet to hear if the suit will go forward, since it still must be approved.

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nathanskywalker said:
Good for them. This is a rather pathetic and petty lawsuit. I hope nintendo wins out on this one.
sornypanafonic said:
Im kinda torn on this one, I love nintendo and the crap they make and lawyers are nothing but blood suckers, but at the same time I do believe corporations should be held responsible for the crap they make. Ehh I personally loved the fact that verizon got sued over them crippling the motorola v710, but DO NOT like the fact that I had to renew my contract in order to get my refund while the lawyers got paid a whopping $60 million. That is correct, I am not kidding, $60 f_cking million. Lawyers need to die.
otester said:
"I had to renew my contract in order to get my refund"In da UK we have trading standards, they pWn any manufacturer that tries to screw customers. Does US have em as well?
m0nty said:
do the people who launched the lawsuits need a wrist strap for their tv/dvd remote controls too or when they go for a game of golf? or play with their radio controlled cars.. oops the golf club slipped out my hand, lets sue Ping or wilson or titleist etc because their grips don't work properly. or oh god my radio control car just smashed a cup left on the floor because i dropped the controller and it landed on the throttle lever.. accept that accidents happen and maybe nobody is to blame except your clumsy old's pathetic. they shouldn't swing em round and actually use em properly and keep hold of them.. lol i have 1 of the older controllers with the old wrist strap, and not once has it ever slipped out of my hand whilst using it CORRECTLY!!!just typical of a compensation culture where you can be sued for anything, and usually by people who think they can make money out of jumping on the band wagon.there should have been a time limit for people to submit claims, because i bet the vast majority of people suing nintendo did so because they saw an opportunity to make a quick buck by jumping on a stupid bandwagon.
sosmither said:
The [url=]Nintendo Wii[/url] is still extremely fun. But What a way to start!
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