MySpace pranksters parents demand $3 Million from school

By Justin Mann on February 1, 2007, 7:46 PM
$3 Million for getting expelled? Not even for the purposes of identify theft, but just pulling a prank? It's true, and that's what the parents of three MySpace pranksters are asking for, after one student was expelled and the other two were given a warning. Citing that the punishments were “too severe”, the lawsuit the parents filed follows the creation of a fake MySpace profile created by a few kids:

The sons of the three plaintiffs, at the time 16-year-old students at a high school in Brighton, Tenn., created an account in the name of the assistant principal. Three days and many satirical comments later, administrators finally learned of the prank and expelled one and suspended the others before giving them disciplinary hearing, according to the Commercial appeal.
Talk about ridiculous. Since when does a slap on the wrist amount to millions of dollars in damages? The parents claim that the first amendment rights of the students were violated in this, which, even if true, is hardly worth a suit of such gigantic proportions.

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tpl2000 said:
hehe, 3m is hardly gigantic anymore, but it is a lot. Besides, these parents want to milk the school for all it's got. Not forgetting that these pranksters probably did it outside of school, the expelling of the student is totally uncalled for, and is really more of a personal thing than an academic thing.
craigwatanabe said:
First amendment rights on free speech is one thing but when slander is involved there are no rights to protect the liar from liability.These parents will lose and they will be the ones paying all court and attorney fees. One thing anyone deciding to sue has to remember...loser pays everything.In this case these minors willfully conducted wrongful acts against another person thru slander on a public forum, therefore the parents are liable for their actions.
gooderguy said:
Kids these days, they get away with so much. With all these mental disorders like ADHD serving as excuses... If you ask me ADHD = "lack of discipline". It's sorta like "no Billy, stop that, stop it now, I'm telling you to stop it, if you don't stop it, I'm just gonna have to ask you to 'stop it' again"... whoooo... look out Billy!
beef_jerky4104 said:
Well I think that what they did was wrong. But to get expelled over, yeah right. I also think the school was wrong. It wasn't on school property they have no authority.In both cases they failed to follow ARD.AttitudeRespect Disipline. (This is a basketball term, score.)
CuriousJoe2007 said:
Those kids parents finally show their true self.I hope the school and vice principal will conter sue them for reputation damages (personal and institution), lost of personal times, stresses, force of public fund abuses, phony claim for personal financial gains...etc.
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