Crysis, UT3 sales disappoint developers

By on December 17, 2007, 2:09 PM
Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 were two of the most anticipated first-person shooters of the year for the PC, but you wouldn’t know that from their lackluster sales figures. According to research firm NPD Group, Crytek’s critically lauded FPS Crysis sold just 86,633 units last month, while the PC version of Epic's Unreal Tournament III fared poorly too, selling just 33,995 units.

By comparison, Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360 shifted a massive 1.57 million units on November. This could spell bad news for PC gamers as the incentive for developers to make PC games instead of console ones largely depends on the ability to actually make money from them.

Both games managed to score highly with critics, but the steep hardware requirements (especially with Crysis) often needed to run PC games at acceptable frame rates suggest that the bestselling titles are those that can be available to a wider market by having lower hardware requirements.

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Funkmesideways said:
I spent £1000 on a PC in summer 2006 (not including the £400 monitor) and now 18 months later all the new games are really very choppy, I know this sort of thing happens with the PC but game development is too far ahead in graphics tech when considering the prices of the hardware required to run it.When I got the new PC 18 months ago, I found myself buying titles that I had missed out on because I didn't buy them because I knew my old pc wouldn't play them. I'm sure that when I have enough money once again I will be getting a new PC and I will be buying games like Crysis and HG:L.What I'm trying to say is having a PC doesn't necessarily mean that I will buy the newest games as soon as they come out, I'm still trying to get my £1000's worth from this system and there are plenty of games yet that I haven't played and will run fine on this computer.
9Nails said:
I honestly feel that Vista is to blame. Many see this as a Direct X 10 only game. And very few of my friends are willing to take the performance hit to downgrade to Vista from XP!I just spent $3,200 USD building myself a new computer. I got a Core 2 Duo 6850, GeForce 8800 GTX OC, 2 Gigs of DDR3 RAM, and a pair of Raptors, among the many other parts in my build list. I had to lower the resolution from 1680x1050 down to 1152x768 to get the FPS smooth and playable. I should go lower, but then I sacrafice a lot of image quality on my LCD widescreen. Even still, at this resolution game still *looks* stunning! I didn't want to sacrafice any of the game's quality settings since seems to teeter right at that smooth playable frame rate level. The only part of the game that needs a little bit more boost in speed is with the voice-sync in the in-game cut-scenes. (Sometimes the mouths are a full second behing the voice.) I would canabailze my X-Fi from my old system had Creative Labs been able to write a quality driver for Vists 64. A second GTX isn't an option at the moment.As far as Crisys goes, the game looks brilliant but plays just ok. My greatest complaint is with the shot accuracy of my weapons, or the lack there of. It's more of a point and miss type system than point and shoot. The enemy seem to have adapted fairly well to the shot accuracy however! They're doing quit well at hitting me! So maybe it's just a control issue on my part and I'll eventually learn how to use the weapons, but I've been playing FPS'es since Wolf 3D - I can hardly chalk this up to noobie-ism. This really makes me wish for a sniper rifle because I seem to empty clips of ammo at opponents before I take a guy out. This is causing me a lot of frustration, which brings about my difficulty in recomending it to my friends.
TheCheese said:
Exactly why I won't upgrade my system every six months to a year just to play a new FPS. I really don’t feel that I should spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on upgrades just to play a $50 game. But meh that’s just me.
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