Crytek brings CryEngine 2 to PS3 and Xbox 360

By on January 30, 2008, 10:51 AM
Recently we heard rumors that an extended version of the visually-impressive Crysis would be coming exclusively to the PS3. Although those rumors remain unconfirmed, Crytek has announced the technology behind Crysis, CryEngine 2, is indeed being developed for other platforms including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The company will show off its cutting-edge CryEngine 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3 to ‘a select audience’ for the first time at this February’s Game Developer's Conference 2008 in San Francisco. Though this is far from confirmation that console versions are inbound, it should at least combat the belief that the engine only performs well on high-end machines. With this in mind, Crytek also said they would be hosting a presentation detailing how it is possible to build a $600 rig that can handle the “fully optimized” Crysis.

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howzz1854 said:
those bastards... you know they can make that $hit run on a 286. making us dumping all our money into buying new hardwares. >:O
icye said:
The video card industry would collapse if game manufacturers were to optimize all their newest games to run on older machines.
icye said:
The revenue Crytek can make in the video game industry is much higher than just sticking to computer games. Its strictly a business decision.
Julio said:
Agreed on the revenue thing, especially if you cater to multiple platforms.As for the videocard industry I believe that is a thought taken well out of context, as developers try their best optimizing for a wide range of equipment but ultimately they can't afford optimizing for legacy hardware as much as we would want to. Manufacturers are also to blame for poor long-term driver support, but their take on the matter is usually that older videocards have been squeezed for all performance they've got to offer already.
uhatemedoncha said:
Well I hope it works just as bad for the console guys as it does for the pc.
icye said:
Many of the stores here have a lot of space to display the latest console games, promo posters, etc. The computer games are usually hidden away in a corner of the store. There is more customer traffic in the video game section than the computer games area.X-box 360 should get an optimized Crysis first because developing for the ps3 can lead to a lot of frustrations. Just ask the guys behind GTA4.
windmill007 said:
That will be sweet on my PS3 and 46" 1080p LCD :) Yes it is real demanding on computers but I think they will optimize on the gaming systems so there really shouldn't be any performance issues.
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