Nvidia to port PhysX into GeForce 8 cards through software

By on February 14, 2008, 2:46 PM
Now that Nvidia has completed the acquisition of Ageia Technologies just a few days after first making the deal public, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is shedding a little more light on the company’s future plans for the technology.

During yesterday’s financial earnings conference call Huang revealed that Nvidia’s strategy is to take the Ageia physics engine, which has already been integrated into more than 140 games, and port it onto CUDA – Nvidia’s a general purpose GPU technology that allows graphics processors to do jobs that normally only CPUs would do.

According to the company, every CUDA-enabled GPU – or all of Nvidia’s existing GeForce 8 series – will be able to run PhysX with just a software download. Huang was unwilling to reveal a date for the release of the first PhysX port, though. In the meantime, Nvidia plans to stay committed to hardware-accelerated Physics and support Ageia’s current PPU customer commitments, as well as its future business.

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onesmartidiot said:
a $250 card just got changed into a software update...haha, i bet the guys who bought both gf8 and ageia cards are pretty mad about that.
foogan said:
[b]Originally posted by onesmartidiot:[/b][quote]a $250 card just got changed into a software update...haha, i bet the guys who bought both gf8 and ageia cards are pretty mad about that. [/quote]What are you on? The PhysX update is FOR GeForce8 cards. That means that they would be pretty happy about that.I, however, have been loving my 7900GS XXX since I got it, but am starting to get jealous of the 8-series... I'd still rather have a 7-series ATM, until the 8-series cards get tweaked to their potential... as well as Vista, I'll stick with XP for nowAnd have you ever heard of an Ageia video card?? No, because they make graphics engines.One smart ***** seems to be more of the latter :P
sngx1275 said:
You are the one on something. onesmartidiot was stating that now people with 8 series cards AND a PhysX card are going to be mad because now their PhysX card was an unnecessary purchase.
icye said:
I don't see many games used PhysX on the market but with Nvidia acquired them, we may or may not see the full benefits of this purchase.I wouldn't doubt that nvidia will put a graphics processor and a physx processor on the same card in the near future.
Nirkon said:
I'm pretty excited about this...this just shows that Nvidia rocks :P
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