Apple dominates sales for PCs above $1,000

By Justin Mann on May 19, 2008, 6:30 PM
Macs are still the “minority” player in the personal computer market, with Windows-based PCs enjoying a behemoth monopoly that we've all seen for years. OS X changed a lot for Apple, and since its release they have seen a small but steady market share gain year after year. These days, it seems that Apple is making more headway with more expensive equipment than otherwise, with them apparently taking 66% of the market for PC sales over $1,000.

The fact that Mac hardware tends to be more expensive than PC hardware may have some effect on this, but given how many PC vendors try hard to get complete desktop systems into that $999 or less bracket, Apple has certainly capitalized well. According to the report, two-thirds of PCs sell for under $1,000 whereas Apple has only a single Mac in that same category. The numbers might make you think that someone who is willing to spend a lot of money on a PC is more likely to buy a Mac – an interesting thing to think about. The report doesn't include PCs aimed at businesses that make up a huge portion of the market, which is somewhere Apple still has difficulty getting their foot in the door.

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Nirkon said:
I'm inclined not to believe that figure, since most good gaming PCs cost over a 1000 dollars, and gamers don't buy macs.
Mictlantecuhtli said:
Maybe gamers build their PCs themselves.
Julio said:
You know what they say about statistics, right? :)I have to agree however that the numbers indicate that Apple computer sales are growing within its mid to high-end consumer level target, a segment that is only second to corporate sales in profitability.
gbe300 said:
As previous posters stated these stats are wrong, or at least being presented in correctly. While the number does hold true, 9 out of 10 ppl that buy a pre-built system (read Dell, Gateway etc etc) always low ball the price (IE sub $1000 systems). I personally own a macbook and its great but for gaming I have 3 other home built rigs each weighing in at around $1300 or higher. This really just says that more simple end users (those that would actually want a dell) are considering and purchasing more Macs. This is a great thing. But until Mac has a platform worth gaming on and games that work under it's OS they not replace home built PCs. Though I would love to see them starting more of the professional market shares!
windmill007 said:
It's because apple products are over priced!
Loquacious1 said:
"more simple end users (those that would actually want a dell)"Ahem, we plan to purchase a new Dell around the $4,000 mark and a new IMac around the $2,000 mark. The Apple will be located in our mainland home, the Dell off shore in our vacation home. I'm both a gamer and digital artist, so see benefits to both systems, yet obviously Apple is not first choice for gaming. ;^D Does this put me in the category of "a simple end user who would actually 'want' a Dell?" Nope. I buy their product because they are willing to have someone jump on a cross channel carrier for repairs where their system is located, while Apple repairs are nowhere close to visiting this area. All the same we hope Apple sales remain flush as we both bought stock in and have faith for the time being in the future of their company. Oh yea.
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