Atari sues over bad reviews and pirated games

By Justin Mann on June 21, 2008, 12:06 PM
We've all heard our share of ridiculous and baffling lawsuits before, but this one was exceptionally interesting considering the circumstances. It seems that Atari has decided the best course of action for them was to sue a German gaming website following a negative review of Alone in the Dark. According to Atari, they are not suing over the negative review itself, but because the person who reviewed it supposedly used a pirated copy of the game to do such. They claim that should provide them restitution for this offense, though I'm sure there asking a lot more than street price for the game. contradicted the statements, claiming the game was provided to them directly by Atari. What's more, they claim that Atari says they only let “high scoring” reviews release before embargo. If that is true, it's pretty shoddy business – only allowing positive reviews to surface and threatening with lawsuits over negative ones. Interestingly, isn't the only reviewer that Atari has demanded to have reviews pulled from – and GameReactor were also served with takedown notices for their reviews, claiming they must have been using pirated copies as well. One of the sites in question claims their copy was actually purchased at retail.

Whether or not the reviewed copies of the people being sued were pirated, it seems as if Atari is only interested in suing those who portray their games in a bad light. I hope this does not become a trend.

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thejedislayer said:
Rofl. I suppose you'd better step up the game in good creation and stop trying to place the blame on others, assholes.
jesse_hz said:
I don't like the color of this site. I think I'm gonna sue.;)
viperfl said:
The is not surprising since the MPAA tried to do the same thing not to long ago. The SciFi channel website forum is known to remove any bad reviews. People wrote bad reviews when the Sci Fi channel started showing ECW and the bad reviews were deleted no sooner than they were put up. No company wants bad press about a product but to sue for it? With games reaching the $60 mark, more people are starting to be wise and making sure there $60 purchase is well worth it.
thejedislayer said:
Censorship is always a great thing...
black_adder said:
Ahhhh isnt Free speech a wonderful thing?!.... Oh, wait... Forget that
Spyware said: is a -Dutch- gaming website, not German. The German website is called "4players".*slaps face*
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