Blizzard hunts for new Diablo III art director

By Justin Mann on August 7, 2008, 2:16 PM
A week after Diablo III's lead designer came out of the woodwork to talk about the art used in Blizzard's up and coming successor to the popular Diablo franchise, an interesting development has arisen. It seems that Blizzard is looking for new talent, specifically for a new Art Director. Given that one of the largest sources of controversy between the still-in-development game and Diablo fans has been the new appearance, one can speculate that perhaps Blizzard has had a change of heart.

Blizzard isn't mentioning if their current Art Director has been replaced or if this is in response to fan protest. Perhaps they just want to get fresh talent in the door. Whatever the reason, Blizzard has been stout in recent days to the point of criticizing fans dissatisfied by the game’s look. If they decide to change it, I'd definitely want to know the reason why.

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lordbf1 said:
from what i saw the look was d2 just upgraded. and i love d2 still paying it.
Emin3nce said:
You fail. It looked nothing like Diablo II, that was half of the problem! Not to mention the whole (Ohmigosh) 3D appeal and *new* design of random dungeon Generation. But i guess that's what seperates them angry darn hardcore fans, and those who wish they knew what art direction was and what the fuss was about.I'm Glad they *may be* looking for a resolution to the art direction scandal. In fact... will supersize that to exstatic if they actually do.[Edited by Emin3nce on 2008-08-07 18:37:50]
9Nails said:
I watched a fairly lengthy demo of D3 (probably on YouTube) and I didn't see much to complain about. Like lordbf1, I think that it just looked like an evolution of D2, and nothing that would provoke outrage. I've heard of several ran complaints, but honestly, I can't find fault with the art. I do wish that a comprehensive argument would detail just what the fans are upset about. But with low quality video and image compression, I expect that the game will look much better than the art that I've seen on the 'net.
Emin3nce said:
There are several sites dedicated to the outraged fans surprisingly. There was even an online petition signing. I had a detailed article from PCPowerplay magazine, but it's moreso floating around on blogs and forums.
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