RIAA urges judge to disallow trial webcast

By Justin Mann on January 22, 2009, 9:37 AM
Many people have been excited about the prospect of watching live footage of an upcoming file-sharing trial. Given the tactics of the RIAA both in and out of court, coupled with their own assertion that they do no wrong, you'd think they would encourage a live trial viewable by any. Quite the opposite is true as the RIAA is actually objecting to a courtroom web broadcast. They claim that the video stream can be manipulated by “tech-savvy” individuals, and that “improper modifications” could be taken out of context. They go even further to claim that a webcast could “infect” the jury pool in favor of the man being sued.

That's a far-fetched claim, of course, as editing of live video streams it not exactly a trivial task, regardless of whether it is on the Internet or elsewhere. The RIAA also claims that the stream could have statements “edited in” and then passed off as the original, which could be damaging to them. It's all nonsense, of course, and it is clear that the RIAA wishes to avoid any publicizing of the trial to avoid the world seeing just how they portray themselves in court.

I hope the webcast goes on as planned, as many others would. It would be interesting to see what exactly the RIAA does in court. Given the opportunity to see such a trial, would you tune in and watch?

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lncpapa said:
I can't wait to watch this! Hope someone posts a link and a date here so I don't have to go searching for it :)
viperpfl said:
It would be interesting to see the RIAA tactics. As far as manipulating the video stream, I highly doubt something like that would happen. The RIAA already does enough damage on there own without someone making it worse. The webcast of the court proceedings will not infect the jury pool, only outside media sources will do that.
DarkCobra said:
The RIAA is seriously beginning to scare me. They're seeing conspiracy theories everywhere. Any entity can do the "What if thing" to the "Nth" degree to the point of absurdity and that is where they are heading. This agency isn't going to be happy until we all go back to communicating through two paper cups connected with a string . . . and they'll probably find a problem with that too !!!
avoidz said:
What's RIAA really afraid of? Those guys are a bunch of Music Nazis with an army of lawyers like Mr. Burns.
mrbios said:
Keep it open and honest. The RIAA is already really struggling with a public image problem and the path they choose using lawyers and suits has not worked very well.Now with major retailers BMG/Napster apple dropping DRM the RIAA is looking very incompent and out of step with reality. This latest trial is desperate attempt to show their stragety works.
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