Valve offers Left 4 Dead half off on Steam

By on February 13, 2009, 2:18 PM
As if the recent announcement that the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC will be offered for free wasn’t enough to tempt gamers into some zombie shooting action, Valve has sweetened the deal by offering the popular game for half its normal retail price on Steam. This is valid for the PC version of the zombie co-op shooter, of course, and puts the game at a tempting $24.99 for this weekend only.

On top of the incoming “Survival Pack” expansion, owners of the PC version can also expect the long-promised SDK at some point, which should allow for the creation of custom maps, scenarios and other mods. Still not convinced? Check out a couple of reviews at GameSpot and IGN to help you decide.

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9Nails said:
Is it just me, or does Valve like disturbing images associated with their products? Vales attached to people's heads, and a zombie hand missing its thumb... sick
tengeta said:
I do have to admit that fully intact zombies would be more strange than ones with missing parts.The Valve attached to the head as far as I know is the old logo for the company.
captain828 said:
question: do you play their stupid logo? or their great games?
yukka said:
Great offer but annoying to my friend who bought a copy 3 days earlier for full price. It doesn't encourage anyone to buy a game at full price if they can offer it half price with no money returned to people who bought it in the last few days.
onearmedscissor said:
Tell me about it! A PC game dropping in price some point after it's already been released and sold the vast majority of copies it's ever going to at full price is completely out of left field!
yukka said:
The game is still full price on 360 and PS3 and will be straight back up to full price on monday again. This isn't the same as a game being released at a budget price and its a shame (and a bit of a pisser) for anyone that bought it full price in the last week. I know no one would expect Valve to offer money off for everyone that bought it this week already but its still annoying. Me, I got it half price now and its a funny game - very enjoyable.
nazartp said:
Don't get it: how is the company dropping a price on their product can upset the customers? Do you complain about a sale on a TV set? Or Christmas sales in general? Good go down in price around the holiday season and go up in price afterward. Do you complain that ANY book is first released as a hard-cover at, say, $30.00 and then as soft cover for $7.00? It's quite normal way to do business - you pitch a product at high price to people who really want it, then lower the price to entice the rest of the crowd. At least Valve is a company that despite heavy DRM provides very developer and enthusiast friendly environment, offers tons of discounted products and decent support. Plus, I'm not tied to a single machine.
isamuelson said:
I bought it. I was holding off, waiting for Valve to do something like this. I couldn't pass up an offer like this! I did the same with GTA IV (25% off) and Assassin's Creed.
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