Mozilla delays Firefox 3.1 again, schedules another beta

By on February 26, 2009, 4:45 PM
Donít count on seeing the final Firefox 3.1 release any time in the immediate future. Following a succession of delays since October, Mozilla has announced that a first quarter release of the product is unlikely and that it will add another beta to the development cycle due to problems with the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.

As it stands now Firefox 3.1 beta 3 will be released next week, come hell or high water, with a fourth beta expected to arrive in around seven weeks. The company is facing increased pressure from rival browser makers, which have recently made moves of their own. Microsoft, for instance, may wrap up Internet Explorer 8 as early as next month while just a couple of days ago Apple launched a public beta of Safari 4. Both browsers promise to give Firefox a run for its money with faster JavaScript engines and new features. Meanwhile, Opera too is working on a JavaScript engine overhaul while Chrome has rapidly moved out of beta and is looking to gain more traction around May by introducing Firefox-like extensions support.

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poundsmack said:
translation: "oh crap! safari just beat our benchmarks for java script ! we need more time, soon my pet...soon."you get the gist of it.
TD_Baker said:
browser competition at its best, to allow folks to view porn faster then before ;)
tengeta said:
They really need to push out a new Firefox... Its getting insane having to update the browser more often than Windows itself.
9Nails said:
Tengeta, I'm afraid that the days where a product ships in it's final form are over. The internet has made it so that updates offer an easy way to fix mistakes or problems not identified in beta testing. And with the internet's ubiquitous access there just isn't enough reason to make a product really good, it just has to be really close.
powerhan96 said:
I've seen Safri 4 was the fastest and 3.5 times faster than Firefox 3 in related benchmark article. But the Firefox used for comparision was Firefox 3.0.Will the result change when compared with 'Firefox 3.2 alpha 1'?
elderlybloke said:
I think I will stay with Firefox 3.0.6 .It works will for me , on Ubuntu 8.10 and I have lots of Bookmarks , and life would get complicated using multiple browsers.Some people do it for fun but I like the simple life.
Julio said:
[b]Originally posted by powerhan96:[/b][quote]Will the result change when compared with 'Firefox 3.2 alpha 1'?[/quote]Firefox 3.1 will also bring java script  performance enhancements. It seems that's one of the big features the new wave of browsers will bring after they focused on the application's memory footprint optimization last time (all except IE anyway).What most of those tests won't tell you is that the relative gain in JS performance will hardly translate in noticeable speed improvements in your web browsing or experience, unless you are visiting a JS heavy website.
windmill007 said:
I notice java enables websites really eat into CPU process. Wonder if the new Java enchancements will make java enables pages work more smoothly for lower powered PC's. I think flash needs some work in that department too. I mean some of these myspace pages are so glitch slow on anything less than a 2Ghz machine with lots of ram...Something isn't right there
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