Apple sued for threatening BluWiki

By Justin Mann on April 27, 2009, 5:03 PM
We're all very well aware of how viciously Apple protects their intellectual property, suing those who interfere with their plans for the iPhone or any other product. Some of those lawsuits were inevitable, such as the ongoing battle between Apple and Psystar. Other legal battles Apple has chosen to wage aren't so obvious. Making good on their claims that jailbreaking the iPhone is a crime, a site which documents methods on how to accomplish this and use third-party software on the iPhone has come under fire.

Though not directly hosting any software, BluWiki is home to numerous sets of documentation that help people tinker with their iPhone, including ways to get around the protections Apple has built into the phone. Documentation of these holes is apparently enough to get Apple in an uproar, which resulted in BluWiki being threatened with legal action. Rather than caving in to pressure, though, BluWiki has instead gone on the offensive and is ready to take Apple to court, claiming that the documentation in no way violates the DMCA.

Apple is no stranger to the legal system, and it seems that IP lawsuits generally favor them. Not always, however, and given that BluWiki is a noncommercial site and doesn't run ads they could stand a chance here. BluWiki’s operators say they are suing Apple in hopes of protecting the free speech of their users and getting a declaratory judgment that posting information does not violate the DMCA.

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Emin3nce said:
Geez i hope they win, it's time apple started to pull their heads out of their own arses.
Nirkon said:
[b]Originally posted by Emin3nce:[/b][quote]Geez i hope they win, it's time apple started to pull their heads out of their own arses.[/quote]Well, im not sure, its pretty deep in there, it'll take a lot more than that.
PanicX said:
They're non-commercial and don't serve adds... are they going to fund a legal campaign with just donations? I hope they've got some sort of deep financial pockets to cover this expense.
kingdingdong said:
i would donate just to see apple get beat!!!!
JDoors said:
Apple believes showing something CAN be done should be illegal?This gives me an idea: Sue all media that showns how to commit a "crime"; movies, television shows, books, video games, etc. Suing a second party because it's possible a THIRD party might do something wrong with the information is just ridiculous.Apple has jumped the shark.
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