Honduras believes that Quake can make you violent - bans it!

By Derek Sooman on December 10, 2002, 1:24 PM
You wonder when all of this sort of carry on will stop. String of violent crimes.... what do we blame? Poverty? No. Easy access to guns? No. Cheap drugs on the streets? No. Corruption in the police force? No. No. No.

No, as always, its better to blame media and popular culture in some fashion. Where first we had a whole spate of attacks on so called "video nasties" in the 80's, resulting in a number of perfectly good and often well made and artistic movies being banned, so now its the turn of.... wait for it.... wait for it....

Computer games! Yes, computer games are the new enemy. Violent ones make you want to go and kill people you know. Don't laugh, its true. The next time I shoot that cybernetic troll with my trusty rocket launcher, I had better stop and remind myself that its "not real", before I go out and open fire in a shopping mall or something.... "Die Lady!" "Die Shopkeeper!" "Die innocent by-stander!" You have taken the lead! Yeah, right...

At least, this is what Honduras' government seem to believe. They've got a whole crime wave explained by the likes of Quake, Resident Evil, Shadowman, Street Fighter, Turok, Perfect Dark, Doom....

Of course, that means that its got absolutely nothing to do with poverty and other social problems, then. Yes, Quake III is to blame for gang related violence. Yes.

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MoRulez said:
O M G .This is stupidity to a new degree never before seen! The article states (and has proof) that the country has 53% of its population under the poverty line... Hmmm, i'm sure playing all the latest games (that cost at least 65 dollars US each, not including the price of a console or a PC) are to blame. No wonder that country is so poor (they say its one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere here), its run by a group of dumbasses!!!
RustyZip said:
[i]Originally posted by Phantasm66 [/i]...and remind myself that its "not real", before I go out and open fire in a shopping mall or something.... "Die Lady!" "Die Shopkeeper!" "Die innocent by-stander!"Ye - I can see it now, the bloke shouting over the tannoy in shopping malls :- "[SIZE=3]G O D L I K E[/SIZE]" & "[SIZE=3]R A M P A G E[/SIZE]":p :rolleyes:
Phantasm66 said:
rusty, that's exactly how stupid this is. just because i score a frag in quake III on-line I'm gonna go out killing people just in the game? its so silly.essentially, though, i am sure that the people making these laws know that its rubbish. its just a scape-goat. the true is, these kinds of high crime waves are the fault of the government that's in power, ultimately.
MrGaribaldi said:
Well, it's allways easier to blame someone else, than doing something about the problem yourself... Boy, did I ever learn that lesson after I got into politics... But then again, there are no easy answers when it comes to powerty and crime... You can't just "cure" the problem overnight :(But considering it comes so shortly after an election, it isn't really all that surprising... The government wants to be seen taking action against crime, and this is one way of showing it, which at least get press coverage... That it won't do diddely squat about the problem is another thing...Hopefully they'll implement other programs which'll have an effect on the crime and powerty, though these'll take longer to implement. Besides, does it really matter to the people in Honduras if they are allowed to play computergames or not? Since most are so poor, I guess it doesn't really affect them currently, and when it does, they'll probably get the ban lifted... [/RANT] .02$
Rick said:
People don't take responsibility for their own problems - Just like Garabaldi said - And this is the result. There will still be just as much violent, only a bunch of kids popped up on drugs because they don't have any good games to play anymore.
Unregistered said:
It's always easier to blame a faceless entity... I lived in South America for quite some time (Venezuela), and while some countries down there are better than others, they all have one thing in common: Ignorance. If that sorta thing happens here, you can just imagine how much worst it's down there where people's rights and liberties aren't as respected as in the US.Lets just say I'm glad I live here. Anyway, if Honduras just found out about Quake, just wait 'till they get a hold of King Pin, Max Payne, Mafia and the rest... LOL
Vehementi said:
Blaming an unrealistic game in the first place (Quake) is ludicrous. I doubt the people who made this law have even played it! I notice they haven't banned games such as Max Payne, and a few WW2 FPS'...RtCW, MoH:AA, BF1942, DoD, etc. Plus, I'm sure the only people that can even afford a gun in the first place is either a drug dealer or a radical terrorist, who, of course, probably aren't motivated by video games ;)
Didou said:
Well even less poor countries have the same stupid reactions. It wasn't long ago that all games were banned in Greece. In their case, it was supposed to fight the gambling problem.Seems to me, video games is an easy scape-goat for all social problems. Heck, people might start blaming video games for drunk drivers too.
poertner_1274 said:
IMO it is the parents problem as far as limiting a childs access to ANYTING goes. If the parents dont' care, then the child is probably going to do whatever they want, and even if the parent's care, they will do what they want anyway. All it comes down to is the parents ability to monitor the child's activity, online or not.
Didou said:
That's the problem nowadays. People want everything. They want a career & at the same time they want a familly. It's impossible to devote the same attention to both. One of them will have to suffer so that the other one can blossom. It just happens that parents choose their career over their familly.Kids these days have very little sense of morals or values, & that's mostly because their parents are too busy to spend time with them. They're left on their own with TV, video games, music with no one to tell them what's right from wrong.There's a high school not too far from my house & I often walk in front of it on my way home. Sometimes I get shocked when I hear how kids talk to their parents. I would never say curse words in front of my mom or dad because I knew that if I did, I'd get my butt handed to me in 2 minutes.So here's my word of advice to the parents out there : SPANK THEM & LET THEM KNOW WHO'S THEIR DADDY ( or mommy ) !!! ;)
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