Steam and others kick off holiday PC games sale

By on November 26, 2009, 9:50 AM
Just ahead of the Black Friday shopping extravaganza, Valve's digital distribution service, Steam, is coming through with a massive "Early Holiday Sale" event that will let you expand your PC games library on the cheap. The company will be offering big discounts on a different set of games every day for the next five days, as well as special prices on various publisher packs.

Today's sale features deals on seven titles, with price cuts ranging from 25 to 80 percent, including Batman: Arkham Asylum for $24.99, Far Cry 2 Fortune's Edition for $9.99 and Dragon Age: Origins for $37.49. You can also pick up either the LucasArts Premier Pack or the THQ Complete Pack for $49.99. This offer will run until Friday at 8 AM PST, at which point a new set of deals will become available, so definitely keep an eye out for more.

Before pulling out your wallet, though, be sure to check out some of the deals being offered by the competition. Direct2Drive's "All Killer, No Filler" sale, for example, takes 50 percent off the prices of Crysis Maximum Edition and Resident Evil 5. Over at Impulse they have put over 40 games in their download library on sale. Meanwhile, EA’s own store will be selling every single downloadable PC game with a 30 percent discount until Monday, which includes The Sims 3 for $34.96 or FIFA Soccer 10 for $27.96.

If you have had your eye on some of the holiday season's most anticipated games, now is the time to buy.

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Afenix said:

I usually buy games at and it it offered a lot of "holiday discounts" a week before the release of modern warfare 2. But wow 9.99$ for Far Cry 2 Fortune's Edition? I'm definitely switching to steam now.

KG363 KG363 said:

Those are some awesome sales. Neither of the games I want or on list though. Steam is amazing, but I've bought so many games on sale now. My List is quickly expanding from weekend deals.

Fada said:

AS great as Steam is and other digital download providers, why cant they just send you a copy in the post as well as the digital download? how much is a dvd? 1 euro? how much does it cost to send a dvd? 1 euro? so for an extra 2 euros you have your physical copy, 2 euros wouldnt even buy you a drink.

Adhmuz Adhmuz, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Too bad I already own over half of these games and packs through steam, and I payed more when I got them.

Rapidhic said:

As fada pointed above digital providers wont sent you a copy of your game. So you will have to have a fast internet connection, otherwise it will take ..ages to play that you bought :S

Cueto_99 said:

I already got myself the THQ pack! it's a steal with games like dawn of war! this is the reason why I like christmas so much

levar said:

fada said:

AS great as Steam is and other digital download providers, why cant they just send you a copy in the post as well as the digital download? how much is a dvd? 1 euro? how much does it cost to send a dvd? 1 euro? so for an extra 2 euros you have your physical copy, 2 euros wouldnt even buy you a drink.

that would be quite nice, ubuntu is nice enough to give us a free phyiscal disc of they're free OS, why can't steam do it, plus we are playing for it. Thats the least they could do, imagine if software companies didn't do this, you never know might happen.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Afenix, I used to buy from until I found that Sendit is often cheaper, and then I discovered that Sendit is a storefront for They have some pretty good deals. For example Fortune's Edition is £14.73 at TheHut and £17.99 at Of course the Steam deal is the way to go.

ET3D, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Well, the cost of a DVD for the game will be more, as they need to stock them, they need people mail them (pack them, put the address on, go the the post). I agree that they could charge a small extra charge for this, but apparently most people are pretty happy having their downloads, which I admit is more comfortable than physical media. Only pity is that in many cases the game on Steam costs more than a physical game box at a store, unless you buy in one of their (admittedly frequent) deals.

Cueto_99 said:

One reason is that for international buyers, like myself, it would be really expensive for steam to send a physical disk, and It would also be unfair that to send phisical copies only to US Residents. I think that might be one of many reasons...

BlindObject said:

Nothing really interests me right now, Imma wait till the timer goes out for the new batch of games. Hopefully TF2 or something pretty for my future GTX260. =)

kaonis92 said:

That's the best marketing move Steam could have done. It's one of the best ways to get used by more people

Puiu Puiu said:

Far Cry 2 seams to have a really good deal. I'm still debating over buying it or not since i already bought a few games this month.

Puiu Puiu said:

After checking the prices on steam, for me Far Cry 2 is 14.99? (~22.5$). So i'm just going to buy GRID which is only 4.99?. Why aren't the prices the same worldwide or at least similar(+-10-15% max)? It's just stupid.

Clrabbit said:

For any body looking for some of the best under rated HnS in the market the

THQ complete pack form steam is pretty sweet for the price of the two Titan quest games you get a bunch of other stuff for free.

matchu said:

Nothing I want, this time around. Unless I see something super cheap, I probably wont' buy either. I purchased Longest Journey + Dreamfall way back, and still haven't played them. Beware impulse buying =P

vimes1150 said:

Quite good prices there indeed, but nothing I really want and dont have yet. Hope there will be other as good deals in following days!

TomSEA TomSEA, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I already have more games than I can play, but very tempting prices on these. I feel like Imelda Marcos who can't have enough shoes..........

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

The lucas arts pack and crysis max edition look like great deals also to note batman is a very fun game and worth every penny that they are offering it for.

Kibaruk Kibaruk, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Some nice holydays offers, this are the sort of things that makes steam go above all other online distribution companies.

saintbodhisatva said:

Was happy about Dragon Age being included, but it doesn't seem to be the one with the DLC package.

Peroucho8 said:

steam always come with really good prices !!

yorro said:

My GOD Farcry 2 is got the best discount

mopar man mopar man, TechSpot Ambassador, said:

If I had a few bucks left from bills I'd be jumping on some of these deals. RE5 is calling to me.

Timonius Timonius said:

suweeet!!!!! sweet sweet sweet! I feel my gamer addiction coming baaaack.....noooooo!!!! uh yes!!!!

AtK SpAdE AtK SpAdE, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Good on steam. I have lots of games from steam, I prefer not having a disk.


I don't loose the disk or the keys. I have transferred games for years from one rig to the next without and hassle.

lfg18 said:

Those are really good deals, I think I need to check the page, too bad none of the games I'm interested in are listed

Guest said:

OR you can get all this stuff for FREE at torrent sites =)

Razerblade said:

Steam is usually the cheapest for most of the games! I've only just started using really as I had to with modern warfare 2, but now I have discovered how well priced their games are!

GoranGol GoranGol said:

There are some really good deals. THQ pack (Dawn Of War), Grid for 5? (i will buy this one for sure).

I thin that on the end Steam will profit from this actions. This is what digital distribution should be. Cheaper than box versions.

GoranGol GoranGol said:

Guest said:

OR you can get all this stuff for FREE at torrent sites =)

Call me stupid but i will give 10? - 20? for game without regret.

I don't buy new games for 60? because i think it is to much, and i wait for the price to go down.

JMMD JMMD, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Nice to see some discounts on these games. Batman: Arkham Asylum for $24.99 is a sweet deal. I've been wanting to try this game.

buttus said:

YAY for cheap games. This year has been excellent for top notch PC gaming. Moreso I think then the consoles.

I have been a Steam user for years now and I really love the platform and method of distribution. I read something recently that said that Steam has 75% of the market for online videogame distribution. Gabe really knows what he is doing.

Tyr said:

The THQ Pack is an absolute steal for 18 games....

Zeromus said:

You got me going with the Vaultboy picture, why did you do that? Got me going for no reason.

pcnthuziast said:

I just picked up L4D 2 for 37.50 which obviously ain't dirt cheap, but still a good deal Imo consiering the game is still pretty new. I might get Mini Ninjas just for the heck of it for 15 bux... loox fun!

Hyperian said:

aww i want left4dead2 i've been hearing people getting it for 30 bucks

ken777 said:

There are so many games to play and prices drop so quickly, you can save a ton a money if you're patient. Between Steam, Direct2drive, and Amazon, picked up Batman, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead (first one), Crysis Maximum, and Borderlands for < 90 bux. Dragon Age will have to wait until black friday next yr. Now I just need to take a month off from work so I can play all this stuff.

claycc said:

$7.50 for Left for Dead is pretty tempting since i haven't picked it up yet.

kommunist said:

That THQ pack is an absolutely AMAZING deal! A friend of mine just bought it and told me about it. Company of Heroes (all), Dawn of War (all), Red Faction Guerilla, Frontlines Fuels of War and others all for $50. Absolutely brilliant man. Steam rules!

IvanAwfulitch IvanAwfulitch said:

DAMNIT I missed it...that'll teach me to go away for Thanksgiving. Oh well. More deals are sure to come soon I suppose. Then again, the only game in this package deal that I was looking forward to was Dragon Age: Origins. I'd like to see that go on sale again and Borderlands as well. Those are the two I'm really looking forward to this year.

AbsolutGaloot said:

I ended up only grabbing L4D2 over the whole week

Steam's sales are always so awesome, and soooo tempting.

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