Dell to introduce Android tablet at CES 2010?

By on December 11, 2009, 6:59 PM
Rumors circulating around the Web suggest that Dell is preparing to launch an Android-based tablet, potentially beating Apple, Asus and others to the market. Pocket-lint reports that the new device will make its debut at CES in January, and could hit shelves shortly thereafter.

While details are scant, Pocket-lint's unnamed sources say Dell's tablet features a 5-inch display and runs the Android operating system. Like similar devices, it will allow users to surf the Web and its functionality should fall somewhere between a smartphone and a netbook.

The rumored tablet may resemble (or even be) Dell's "Streak" device (pictured), which leaked in late October and shares the mentioned characteristics. Features include a 5-inch 800x480 capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.0, built-in 3G (with support for calls), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a 5MP camera and a microSDHC slot.

When contacted for a response to the rumor, Dell answered with the following generality: "Dell continually develops and tests new products that extend the mobile experience. We have not made any product announcements and do not comment on speculation, rumour, or unannounced products."

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Kibaruk Kibaruk, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Mmm... sort of neat, at least for rumors sake.

With all the netbooks and smartphones out there, if this tablet is going to be JUST Android based I don't see much for it, hope when more info has come we can see a capable enough machine to run windows 7 with tablet features or windows te or some linux alternative, but a heavy OS.

Because of the review this would be like a big smartphone? (It has 3G :P)

9Nails, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I'll be more interested when Adobe releases Flash support. But I'm not sure what to make of this over-sized phone, undersized tablet, larger version of a PDA. At least on Google Android it will have a descent market to release on.

Vrmithrax Vrmithrax, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Sounds to me like a net appliance similar to the Nokia web tablets (N800 or something like that?). Fairly specialized, but with Android behind it, and the Google cloud, could be an interesting niche product for those constantly connected people who don't really need a netbook, but want more screen than a cell phone.

I think it's all going to hinge on some killer Android apps. If there's nothing spectacular that makes it stand out, the other tablets will win, hands down. Well, that and how the data connectivity is handled - if they make the mistake of exclusively tying to a wireless provider, they will alienate too big an audience to make this tablet sell enough, as I see it.

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I really didn't think tablets had a future as they were unable to be ultra mobile or powerfull at the same time. However I may be wrong as apparently Kindle has garnered quite a following. I may never get a tablet (as i won't fit in my pocket :-) ), but apparently others will.

Guest said:

think you're so smart? Put your brain where your ego is - <>

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