Weekend tech reading: Zero day exploit for Firefox 3.6

By on February 21, 2010, 12:37 PM
Zero day exploit for Firefox 3.6 Russian security firm Intevydis has made a Windows exploit for a previously unknown security hole in Firefox 3.6 available to its customers. The exploit allows attackers to remotely gain control of a PC. H-Online

YouTube expands video rental program Last month, YouTube rolled out a new rental service that allowed users to rent independent films from the Sundance film festival. But now, despite weak demand for those films, YouTube has quietly expanded the video rental program with a number of niche content providers. NewTeeVee

Twitter phishing attack in progress -- donít click on "lol, is this you??" If you receive a direct message on Twitter that says, "lol, is this you," donít click it. The link will put up a fake Twitter login page, potentially tricking you into giving the phisher your Twitter login and password. VentureBeat

Scalpers getting $30 for StarCraft II beta keys Not that I'm sharing this in a run-go-get-it sense. But some enterprising key recipients have chosen not to participate in the StarCraft II beta. Some 49 keys are being auctioned on eBay right now, with bids reaching up to $305. Kotaku

Command & Conquer 4 won't have LAN support or dedicated servers Based on the precedent set by your reaction to similar news for StarCraft 2 and Modern Warfare 2, we're guessing you're not going to like the information Command & Conquer 4 lead designer Sam Bass recently shared with Destructoid. According to him, the FMV-filled strategy title won't provide any LAN or dedicated server support to its players. Joystiq

>5000 Apps banned; the new rules I have spoken with Apple, and the following are the new rules: ChilliFresh

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Guest said:

For a while now people have been talking about the death of pc gaming. While I honestly hadn't seen the death but with dev making games with no LAN or dedicated server support some devs are trying really hard to kill it off. Dedicated servers are one of the biggest things to me that pc games have over almost all console games(when talking about fps). Some of my best memories of playing rts and fps games is at a big lan or just all the lanning I did in college with roommates. Funny thing about going to lans and playing games which you don't own is if they are good and you want to keep playing them you have to buy them if you want to play online.

They are getting rid of lan to stop Hamachi so pirates can't play the game but what they are really doing is driving people away they are paying for the games. They are getting rid of dedicated server support because they don't like people being admins and kicking players that are cheating. Look at MW2 and how wild spread the cheating is. The best way to stop an aimbotter or an other kind of cheater is to have an active server admin kicking people.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

+1 on that my man! totally agree with you on this one!

Timonius Timonius said:

One so called benefit of not including dedicated server support is that if the game gets old and people are still playing on the company servers the company can shut it down and force people to play their newer games. Lack of dedicated server support is a blatant cash grab from the company's viewpoint. Ah well, back to TF2 (at least someone is doing something right .

Timonius Timonius said:

Oh, and yay for Apple putting their foot down to ban the 'crap' apps.

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Lack of dedicated servers for MW2 is making me wait until it drops to about 30 bucks.

LOL, its online gaming that is actually making me pay for games again so that I can play them online. You take the main things that make me want to play online away, and you're probably going to lose my game dollars.

Cause once you take away my desire to pay for a game, getting it for free is just a few clicks and an hour of my time away.

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

I also agree with Timonius. TF2 is awesome! and Valve are showing what making a good game is all about! If only all game dev's would put as much effort into the PC version of there games. Hell we'd probably have more PC gamers and therefore more sales for those companies.

If only they spent less time coming up with crap DRM systems and just better games we'd be (and so would they) Sorted!

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