TechSpot Giveaway: Win an Acer Timeline 14" Laptop

By on March 4, 2010, 6:17 AM
Update (3/31): The contest winner has been announced. More details here.

Update (3/20): The contest is officially over. We will be announcing a giveaway winner over the next few days. Thank you everyone for participating!

Participate in TechSpot's latest giveaway and win an Acer Aspire Timeline 14" Laptop computer. Rules are simple and anyone can participate, no matter your location. The contest will be held for about two weeks. Enter here for more details.

Giveaway season begins at TechSpot

Welcome to TechSpot's first giveaway of 2010. This is one of many more to come as you may recall we had a pretty nice run last year getting those prizes out there to you.

This time we are giving away an Acer Aspire Timeline 14" 4810T Laptop, similar to the one we reviewed last November. The Acer Timeline 4810T is a solid system that offers exceptional battery life (8+ hours), good portability and modest performance at a competitive price. It's a pretty neat system, valued at $550.

In a nutshell, the laptop specs are as follows: Widescreen 14-inch LED backlit display (1366x768), Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 320GB hard drive, Intel GS45 chipset with 4500MHD integrated graphics, Intel Wi-Fi Link 5100 (Draft-N), Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

What it takes to win

  • First leave a comment below and let us know you want to join the contest (that's not all, keep reading).
  • Become an active participant in the news comments starting today and until next Friday, March 19th (roughly two weeks from now).
  • For every comment you make you get an extra chance to win (e.g. if you've posted 20 times during the contest, you get 20 chances).
  • To make this a sane competition we will cap the number of max comments during the giveaway to 50 total (~4 posts per day on average).
  • If a participant posts nonsense comments recurrently we will automatically remove him from the giveaway without any notification.
  • Quantity is important but QUALITY will be taken under serious consideration.
  • TechSpot staff members will monitor and join the conversations. Our usernames are highlighted in blue.

Other rules and regulations

  • We will randomly select one (1) winner using weights depending on the number of comments posted during the giveaway time frame (per the rules above).
  • We won't limit participation based on geographic location. We will ship the laptop from the U.S. to the location the winner designates. We shall not be held responsible for any customs import taxes or additional fees incurred in the process.
  • The prize is not an off the shelf item. It is however practically new as was only used for evaluation on the site. The manufacturer (Acer) has granted us permission to give it away to our readers.
  • The winner will be notified via email. Only TechSpot community members can participate as we will use your account's email for notification. As always, you can register here free of charge.
  • Once selected, the winner will be notified via email and have 3 days to respond and accept the prize. It will also be announced at this location. If we don't receive a response by the fourth day, we will select a new winner in his/her place.

Good luck everyone!

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red1776 red1776, Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe, said:

I wish to enter this here contest.

slh28 slh28, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Count me in please!

njmarkham said:

8 Hours Battery Life!!! tech SPOT on!!! Please count me in!

alexandrionel said:

Count me in please.

Route44 Route44, TechSpot Ambassador, said:

Oh! Oh! Count me in as well.

Tekkaraiden Tekkaraiden said:

I'd like to be in the contest please.

LightHeart said:

Sounds Good

I love a good giveaway so please sign me up.

klpowell said:

I'd like a shot at it!

princeton princeton said:

I would definitely like to have a chance to win a laptop. Count me in.

Vrmithrax Vrmithrax, TechSpot Paladin, said:

All your laptops are belong to us!

skitzo_zac skitzo_zac, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Coolies, count me in. Great to see TechSpot isn't limiting this based on geographic location.

Serag said:

Please count me in,

compdata compdata, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Count me in :-)

osuebucks said:

I want to join this contest. Thanks!

elroacho72 said:

Count me in Please. I really like Acer & Techspot, Thanks I hope I win I need a new laptop.

Recipe7 Recipe7 said:

Please include me in the lappy giveaway, thanks TS!

DJ83 said:

Please include me in this!

salbar1981 said:

Count me in :-D

madbo said:

Count me in please.

azhurvadal said:

i would love to have an outstanding laptop such as this one. please include me in this giveaway. thank you Techspot

gobbybobby said:

Count me in PLz Techspot.

NeoFlux said:

Nice notebook, would fit nicely on my workdesk... I'm in!

zaidpirwani said:

Count me in, again I will try to post comments....

littlejut140 said:

Not a bad laptop at all. Count me in for the contest!!!!

taimuraly taimuraly said:

I would also like to take part in the competition.b

FLHR said:

Please include me in this!

yorro said:

I would like to join the competition

KidChaos said:

No one else need post, TS needs to just give it to me NOW!!

WinXPert WinXPert said:

another giveaway, didn't win last time hope i'm lucky this time.

stan4 said:

I want to join the contest.

natefalk natefalk said:

I'm in... I check TS everyday anyway. I'm assuming that posts on other topics will count... if not TS please let us know.

Kneb said:

I'm in! please.

alexandrionel said:

It says there you will count the comments made during this giveaway, that also includes comments made to older articles?

Geek4life said:

I am here to win this sweet Laptop!!!!!

z0k! said:

Oh me me! I want in!

Xyvis said:

I would like to join in on this contest.

8+ on battery life, would really be of great use.

pipopaz said:

I was thinking in buying this laptop myself but If I can get it for free that'll be better, count me in!

tigran1808 said:

It would be my pleasure to participate in this giveaway

Recycle said:

I would also like the chance to enter.

Tizzlejack Tizzlejack said:

Nice machine. Count me in.

tkaracsonyi said:


I would like to participate in this giveaway, please count me in! Thanks TS!

TorturedChaos, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

woot! sign me up

ryan29121 said:

I would like to join the competition

avdheshbansal said:

hey! guys i'd also love to be a part of this competition.

DaMak420 said:

Count me in! Its a fun little laptop!

Armanian said:

It can't hurt to compete and i do enjoy reading techspot, so please count me in =)

viperpfl said:

Would like to take part, count me in......Thanks

Kovach said:

I would like to be the part of this giveaway! Thanks

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