It was about time we announced the lucky winner of our latest giveaway, who will be taking home an Acer Aspire Timeline 14" laptop. But before putting the name out there, let us take a second to thank everyone who participated and made of this last contest our best so far in terms of involvement and commentary quality.

It simply makes us proud that 99% of the time discussions went without any moderation, even when the amount of comments flying back and forth was considerably higher than usual with a nice mix of regular members and newcomers taking part on the conversations.

At the end of this announcement we'll also give a bit of details on an upcoming giveaway opening next week that will consist of something completely different than anything we've tried before, just so you don't get bored or feel bribed to voice in more often in our comments. Anyhow, what you wanted to know. And the winner is...

Congratulations JMMD!
With a total of 44 comments posted during our two week-long contest, you were randomly selected as the winner of the Acer Aspire Timeline 14" laptop. Please respond to our announcement email, so we can get the prize on its way soon.

To the rest of members who participated... Thank you again! Unfortunately we can't give prizes to everyone, but we can at least continue giving stuff away, so check out the teaser rules for our next one below.

A few stats...

  • 5000+ news comments were made during the contest period
  • 328 members participated
  • 10.47 was the average number of posts made by contestants
  • Over 25% of participants posted over 20 comments
  • We lost count on how many members were disqualified or banned, but we recall there were at least 5 going either way
  • The winner announcement was delayed by a week - we usually take no more than 3-4 days - because Julio (that's me) was away on well-deserved vacation :)

Our next giveaway

Our upcoming contest is going to be about wallpapers, that is, you putting together a cool TechSpot themed wallpaper that can be shared among your fellow TS readers, voted and rated by the community as well. But don't despair, Photoshop killer skills won't be needed since we won't be judging on professionalism but creativity, coolness, usability and even simplicity. We will provide you with a high-res TechSpot logo and badge that you can use, the rest will be up to you. Time to dust off those Paint skills you never knew you had and get to work.

Further details on this giveaway will be available next week when it's officially opened.