Most hardcore enthusiasts will tell you it's better to build your own gaming system rather than getting one pre-built. If not for the enjoyment of putting all the components together yourself, then simply to ensure you're getting high quality parts at the best possible price.

Going the homebrewed route is not always an option however. Whether for a lack of hardware knowledge, or shortage of time to research and build their own system, many people opt to go the manufactured route. Pre-built systems from companies like HP, Dell, Gateway, and others seem to offer a good blend of components at an attractive price. At the same time, we are seeing an increasing number of custom PC boutiques that cater to enthusiasts who value customer service and customization over an off-the-shelf PC and may be willing to pay a few extra bucks for this level of service.

Today we will be looking at three different gaming systems from the likes of Puget Systems, Maingear and Acer. All three vary quite a bit in core components, cooling options and appearance, but maintain the same sub-$2,000 price tag per our request.

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