Walgreens offers an Android tablet for just $100

By on October 27, 2010, 2:04 PM
If you're unhappy about the high price tag of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you might be happy to know that Walgreens is selling a Maylong M-150 for $100. It's a 7″ (800480) tablet with a resistive touchscreen, but it's significantly cheaper for a reason.

The device is running Android 1.6 (there's no telling if it can be upgraded to any of the 2.x versions, but someone will probably try) on a 400MHz CPU (designed by Via, so it's probably more powerful than the clock cycles suggest) and 256MB RAM. Nevertheless, for $100 it's still pretty good: it's got Wi-Fi, speakers, USB ports, a microSD card slot, and even ships with a dongle that provides 10/100. The product page claims it features a full browser, reading app, YouTube, and a video player.

We're not sure what the device looks like, since the posted image appears to be an image of an Apple iPad stretched a little bit, with a screenshot of an operating system pasted in. It even uses the Internet Explorer icon for the browser; Google would not be pleased.

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customcarvin customcarvin said:

Hmmm, I wonder if one would be able to dual boot and get Ubuntu Unity running on it.....

princeton princeton said:

Not only the IE icon. It uses a slightly edited palm pre photo icon in that pic.

EDO219 said:

I found [link] .

Also, here is a video of it in action.

I must say, the reviews for this device are surprisingly good, especially considering its price.

zogo said:

Very acceptable for 100$ and stylish too. It fulfills most of the basic needs. Good work and pricing

TuesdayExpress said:

You know, I would actually drop a c-note to get a knockoff that so stylishly threw all those design & software elements together willy-nilly. Anonymous factory in China: get cracking!

Alster37 Alster37 said:

seems a little too cheap to me. Id like a balance in the middle the maylong being the too cheap side and the ipad being the too expensive side.

stensland said:

With how similar it looks I'm astonished that no one has pinged them with copyright infringement or anything of that sort. I mean look at it, they took an iPad, stole the IE logo, and I doubt the use of the android system on there was even authorized by Google. It looks like a cheap knock off that some Chinese company made and somehow swindled Wall Greens into buying massive amounts of. Reading the reviews on it, the whole device seems like it has major issues, ie wifi, battery life, crashing, the works. In my opinion it would be a waste of money to purchase this thing. I'd rather spend a bit more and know I'm getting a legaly distributed machine and quality + a warranty as opposed to cheaping out and going with the Maylong. Just my opinion on the matter, but in the end it's not my choice if readers buy it or not.

p.s. don't buy it!

Technochicken Technochicken, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I like how the 'file browser' icon is taken directly from the iphone app "airsharing," and the music icon is the same but with different colors. I've seen reviews of a few other super cheap tablets such as the apad, and the all have gotten poor reviews.

posermobile89 said:

If this works moderately well, it seems impressive. Its cheap and looks alright, as long as the apps arent crap and you can upgrade the version of android, it looks awesome

crzydave said:

Hey also long as it can be used for reading books i might have to check this out

LinkedKube LinkedKube, TechSpot Project Baby, said:

Looks like more frame than photo.

frodough said:

it's because cheap gadgets like these in the future will i think my kid will be able to program software by the time he hit 8th grade. scary but exciting

klepto12 klepto12, TechSpot Paladin, said:

Looks like a cheap POS that would really just end up frustrating the consumer rather than make them happy.

poertner_1274 poertner_1274, secroF laicepS topShceT, said:

That's hilarious. My uncle is a manager for Walgreens. I might have to ask him about these.

I love seeing these type of knockoff products. It's the little things like this that really drive competitions, even if this is a POS. It still gets the others thinking about it.


lol IE icon and iPad device photo manipulated... doesn't this violate some copyright/trademarks?

I'd like to see some video reviews of this to see if it is even worth looking at...

tonylukac said:

I was just at Walgreens on Friday. They also have inexpensive milk.

ruzveh said:

I dont think it will upgrade to higher version of Android as the hardware speed is too slow.

cardriverx said:

I have tried out Chinese knockoffs of current devices, they are almost always never worth it. Just the resistive touch screen alone kills it for me, a cheap resistive screen is a major PITA to work with.

I still really believe good Ipad competitors are a solid 4 months away (of being announced). Give me a 10" Galaxy tab with a dual core processor, 2 cameras, at least8-10 hrs battery life, and android 3.0+ then I will be happy.

medguydan said:

while I'd never get one, perhaps it might serve the purpose of driving down prices of other tablets. personally, I'm looking forward to the release of the Adam from Notion Ink...if it ever gets here. also interesting to note, as others have, the blatant rip-offs of icons and UI. I suppose if you can't come up with something good yourself, copy it and make it cheaper

HaMsTeYr HaMsTeYr said:

Based on the video that was posted up, It seems to take FOREVER to boot up. Like REALLY forever. Still, for 100 bucks, you can't really complain much, even I would succumb to getting one... And possibly if you got android 2.2 in there, this issue might be a thing of the past...

Its hard to see whats going for the galaxy Tab with these generic-ish chinese products appearing on the market. Samsung had better buck up or they'd lose even before they got in.

uttaradhaka said:

400 MHz and 256 MB RAM seem quite competent actually. For 299 dollars, thats still cheaper than anything else on offer right now. It also sports Wifi and other bells and whistles. Will be interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.

Whatever happens, I hope that Samsung can show up Apple, even if its a little bit!!

CyberChrist said:

I cannot really get behind this new tablet craze. I feel as though a solid 14 inch laptop can do everything a 10 inch tablet can do just better. And as for the toy/fun factor there are a whole lot of other things I'd rather spend 100 to 600 bucks on lol.

grimm808 said:

I didn't know they sold anything there besides Prescription drugs and Generic shavers O_o"

Afroaggie said:

I have had little to no luck when it comes to knock off mechandise and this look like it would no exception. I do see a market of under informed individuals that say "Hey I know that the 'e' icon brings me to that fancy thing called the internets and it looks like one of those purty Ipads I think I will swing my tha Wallgreens and pick one up for Billy for Christmas. He is going to college soon you know and the kids want all these crazy electronics now adays". Infact my parents were this way exactly when I was still a in H.S.

Guest said:

I've had one of these for a week and it's still working. I'm not an Android expert, but for $100, it works surprisingly well. It's not as easy to use as an iPad, and may not be ready for grandma, but for a gadget tinkerer like myself, I've had fun getting introduced to Android and think I got my moneys worth. These kind of devices have been in the Pacific rim for years, and I'm grateful that a company has finally taken the gamble on one in the US. This is the second by a major US retailer, and much better than the K-Mart Augen. You get a risk free, 30-day return policy at Walgreen's which made the purchase a lot easier than one in Hong Kong. Go get one and try it before complaining about what a piece of crap it is without even seeing or touching it.

zinzan8 said:

Alster37 said:

seems a little too cheap to me. Id like a balance in the middle the maylong being the too cheap side and the ipad being the too expensive side.

I don't know... At $100, it's almost affordable as "throw-away" money--$100 to play around with an Android tablet, and even if it sucks (which it probably does), you're just out $100. Look at it this way--six months ago, I would have probably paid $100 for a partially working HP Slate prototype. Six months later, the rush of tablets haven't come out as fast or as cheap as we had expected.

Let me think about it...


zinzan8 said:

supersmashbrada said:

Looks like more frame than photo.

And that's a good point--if at the very least, it can be used as a digital frame, that's worth something.

Which brings up another point--the success of tablets should seriously drive down the price of digital frames... or kill the digital frame market altogether.


xcelofjkl said:

Isnt the picture that of an iPad?

pyari said:

I heard 80% of user used to mobile gadgets to play games....N 70% of devices on the market is use and through, that make sense and manufacturer try to sell the things on that way.....at least we are using new technology....we are familiar with new technology.....technology is changing night and day.

Uvindu said:

Why buy a Palm Z22 ($100) when you can have this. This is great news. I hope that this prouct becomes popular. If it does, then it should get competition, and if there is competition, then it is possible that in a year or two, we will see tablets priced below the $100 mark. That sounds like some wild fantasy. I am not so sure about the VIA processor though. I have a Sylvania 7-inch netbook with a VIA C7-M processor rated as 1.2Ghz, but the performance is poor. I think a 900Mhz intel Atom, would perform better. The other specs are quite impressive, given the price

Guest said:

I like Vairtech tablet. I brought one and it works great. www.vairtech.net

jazboy said:

tablet market is heating up, lets see if apple bring iPads price down..

Regenweald said:

No. Just no. At least for a performance hound like me.

pyari said:

we may be monotonous from same gadgets or we r humans we need change....we like to experience new things.....so use and through.....accept the new tech.

AbsolutGaloot said:

Holy crap. for $100, even if the stock os sucks I'm sure someone is going to get linux working on it in some flavor. Count me in.

Guest said:

I brought a 7 inch android tabet from www.vairtech.net and it works great.

tipstir tipstir, TS Ambassador, said:

I had ordered this online from Walgreen's on 10/22/10 and was charged tax and shipping. I had also ordered the Coby KYROS which was better. But Walgreen's had refused my request to cancel the order! I had to wait until I got it then take it to my nearest Walgreen Pharmacy Store for a full refund including tax. So yesterday 11/3/10 the package finally arrived. This had taken a second call to Walgreen's so they had to call UPS to see where the package was. Two goof ups on Walgreen's as the package was to arrive on Tuesday got pushed back to Wednesday. Funny thing the package was rattling like something was broken. But the way the package the device is sloppy. You get no stereo headphones, no usb cable just 2x USB connector with 10/100 LAN jack with a cheap radio ant like stylus. I have Gome Flytouch ePad I had ordered back in July 2010. This Maylong M-150 is the same thing right down to the CPU. Correction the CPU is not a VIA VM8505+ 400MHz VIA Engineer told me they don't even have such a CPU. Only one is the VIA WM8505 which runs at 300MHz. The only way this CPU can be over clocked to 400MHz is through Rooted ROM MODs and those are pretty unstable all type of issues. I have one on my ePad and I can't run my at 400MHz otherwise it would overheat and lockup. I have these choices 350MHz, 375MHz, 387MHz and 400MHz can also push it 528MHz. Never will take it. I can figured out to get full video to playback. Anyway to learn more just type this title into google "Gome Flytouch ePad Work in Progress"

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