Sprint Nextel, the third biggest US mobile service, plans to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $400 as of November 14. The initial subsidized price tag means higher overall costs: the device will require a two-year contract with monthly service fees starting at $29.99 for 2GB of data. Thus, when you include the service fees, Sprint customers end up paying at least $1,120 over two years. There's also a $59.99 per month plan that gives you 5GB of data.

Interestingly, Best Buy is getting in on the action as well, according to Pocketables. The retailer is already advertising the 7-inch Android 2.2 tablet in a silver WiFi-only variety, a WiFi + 3G black version from Verizon, and a WiFi + 3G version from Sprint. Curiously, the price starts at $499 without any mail-in rebates involved. We know it will debut in November like for everyone else, but Best Buy has yet to give an exact date for the debut.

Verizon Wireless, on the other hand, has already said it will start selling the Galaxy Tab on November 11 for $600 up front. Verizon will charge $20 for 1GB of data, but will not require customers to sign a contract. This translates to Verizon customers paying at least $1,080 over two years.