Researchers develop 0.1mm flexible AMOLED display

By on November 2, 2010, 10:21 AM
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan has built a flexible 6-inch AMOLED display that is just 0.1mm thick, according to OLED-Info. The technology, named FlexUPD, reportedly enables a folding radius of 5cm or less while still being able to withstand repeated folding. In other words, it can continue to display images even when folded. The ITRI claims each display can be folded up to 15,000 times before showing signs of wear and tear.

FlexUPD's unique property is in its use of a "de-bonding layer" between the glass and flexible substrate, which sticks to the production glass substrate firmly during the entire fabrication process and is completely non-adhesive to the polyimide film stacked on top. This allows the active matrix backplane used for high-quality color displays to be flexible.

ITRI claims FlexUPD will prove to be the simplest and cheapest option for mass producing flexible displays. FlexUPD will be commercialized soon and companies are already announcing plans to use it for flexible e-reader products, although the institute has not yet provided pricing estimates or a production timeline.

The technology will be quite useful for gadgets such as the Amazon Kindle. Other large companies in the industry, including Sony and LG, are working on flexible e-paper displays as well. Nevertheless, we're still a long way off from the days when we can buy a newspaper built using a flexible and thin display and not have to worry about losing it on our way to work.

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RebelFlag said:

this would be so cool to have a "newspaper" that would download the days content every day.

Demons said:

That's really cool, but why would you need a flexible kindle? Maybe they break a lot from people dropping them. I've never had a kindle myself. I'm sure there will be lots of uses for this development other than the kindle. They could work on the "screen door" effect a little though...

CyberChrist said:

It is products like these that make me feel like I am living in the future. Forget the flying car this is where it is at. I am sure there are uses for this thing that I cannot even think of right now.

maXimus4444 maXimus4444 said:

It's like the newspaper from Harry Potter. Pretty soon we're going to have newspapers that have pictures that move possibly even videos.

maybe next you'll be ordering a newspaper that reads the articles to you...

this could be the thing that saves all of these newspaper companies that have been hit so hard by the economy transfering to digital news on the internet.

Serag said:

Add a connectivity to that and you get an OLED newspaper, cool!

Ahmed90 Ahmed90 said:

nice am sure it will be very useful in many ways

why every body talking about newspaper ? this product have like million use

whiteandnerdy said:

I cant wait until this technology becomes publicly available. an OLED newspaper would be awesome. or a secondary monitor that you can roll up and put in your bag.

JMMD JMMD, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Awesome to see more of this tech being developed. Would be nice to have something you can roll up in your bag and be able to get all kinds of internet updates.

mccartercar said:

Imagine a suit made of this that displays whats behind you as to make you camoflauged and almost 100% transparent. Now all we need is some infrared/xray/night vision eye contacts and we are on par with the Predator.

gwailo247, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

These are just baby steps. When am I going to be able to plug my brain into the computer?

pheonixnexus said:

i can think of alot of applications for this like "video ads on cars" and "computer screens on clothes" you could stick them any where there's power just fold them out set it up like a projector screen minus the projector and instant video!

Relic Relic, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

That is just cool , makes me think of all the awesome things in science fiction that we might one day all be able to enjoy.

Neojt said:

Thats cool stuff

finally a screen you can stuff in your pocket without worrying that it going to break when you sit down

Maybe one day you can go to the store and purchase your TV by the Foot!

Wendig0 Wendig0, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I think this technology will be the future of display technologies everywhere. It might still be in its infancy, but damn if it isn't fricken cool to see it coming about!

kevin1212 said:

Very nice, i can see this really kicking off as it can serve so many purposes.

aalsheh said:

could we maybe someday see this technology integrated into a shirt??? just think of all the sports that gonna have advertisement on their players shirts Lol...

but yeah, the day we see newspapers made of this, I don't think that it'll be during my life time (you never know though, the last 50years were leaps and bounds in term of technology jumps)

flocka said:

rebelflag said:

this would be so cool to have a "newspaper" that would download the days content every day.

was thinking the exact same

Razerblade said:

Harry Potter may not be too far away in terms of the Newspaper pictures moving! Awesome technology, I think newspapers and magazines would cost a bit more though than they do now!

Cueto_99 said:

Awesome!! Definately technology makes our lives easier, I can imagine lots of use for this, but mostly how thin and flexible cellphones will become in the near future...

ReMonster said:

I've seen this type of technology before, I thought on techspot. HP had a prototype display that would roll down like a projector screen. Its pretty neat technology...

Johny47 said:

rebelflag said:

this would be so cool to have a "newspaper" that would download the days content every day.

This is so cool, it's getting closer and closer to screens being 'weightless' like the Holovids in Ratchet & Clank games haha =)

And about the news paper thing I think it would be VERY costly to use this technology in the way of newspapers =P

I sometimes travel by train and there's newspapers left there from people who have read them and just leave them to pass on to others, I don't think anyone would leave this kind of thing behind.

I think this would be incredible for new phones or hand held gaming. It could be a kind of 'roll-out' film screen, you just unclip a little pin and then unroll a rolled up screen like this to watch a film, would be much more compact for having a big screen =)

Elitassj4 said:

I would like to see the day when we don't need to buy papers every day,instead,just download and read in the morning, drinking coffee .

spyx said:

Yes with this I can bring a notecard with PAGES of information on it to school

Science ever advancing.............

a side note "Scientists have teleported something 3 feet away in two conatiners"

thats is both scary and sweet at the same time....

imagine the destruction that can be caused by teleported a bomb from he to somewhere else....

sMILEY4ever said:

I'd buy one of these just to be cool. LOL.

zogo said:

It's like something out of a futuristic movie. Awesome

Zecias said:

whiteandnerdy said:

I cant wait until this technology becomes publicly available. an OLED newspaper would be awesome. or a secondary monitor that you can roll up and put in your bag.

omg a roll up monitor would be so awesome xD

dustin_ds3000 dustin_ds3000, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

this is nice, i want to hold a flexible 720p screen in my hands

KG363 KG363 said:

If this is the newspaper of the future, I would definitely choose this over internet

Wendig0 Wendig0, TechSpot Paladin, said:

This will be good for books, magazines, as well as newspapers. Consider a magazine publisher that is "environmentally friendly", and cuts out the use of paper altogether, using these. How about a magazine that, when you order a subscription with them, sends you one of these that updates to the new issue every month, and uses built in flash storage to store the archives from previous months.

Newspapers could be the same way. I'm high on nitrous from the dentist, so I hope this post makes sense.

Emin3nce said:

I think it's not so much the "is it practical" factor as it is the "fracking cool" factor.

Kibaruk Kibaruk, TechSpot Paladin, said:

This is indeed a great technology, too bad it will still be restricted to the rest of hardware so it will not be so "foldable" like you are thinking.

fadownjoo said:

100 inch roll up tv to carry around!!

HaMsTeYr HaMsTeYr said:

I was thinking more along the lines of medical science, where live information that is ever changing depending on the patient's situation is carried around in like a paper folder with other patient's information. Synchronised up to date information easily carried around by each doctor... Would be pretty useful in that respect. Not to mention destroying the need for newspapers, and have this sheet updated daily or even hourly. Less harm on the environment, more efficient way of receiving up to date information, not to mention not needing to go out and get the papers each morning lol

Lokalaskurar Lokalaskurar said:

With new technologies, new ideas emerge and the need for creativity arises. Trying to sound less dramatic about it, there are loads of situations where a super-thin screen would come in handy. Imagine being in the classroom, and the teacher wants to show a YouTube-clip, then pulls down the screen from the ceiling just like a blind! At what cost, one might ask?


Pretty cool... i'm guessing this is just a "proof of concept", i'm sure the production version would have a much high dot pitch, as the screen door effect is quite obvious in this model. I wonder how the pixel response times and viewing angles are.

Although I honestly don't think that is flexible enough for the "roll-up" display for use in mobile devices. Anyone ever watch Earth: Final Conflict by Gene Roddenberry? It was not a very popular show but they had mobile video phone type devices with a roll-up display.

Vicenarian said:

Future use of OLED displays:

Toilet paper that you can surf the web, watch movies, etc. on, and when you're finished, use it for what it was designed to do.

ruzveh said:

How can this technology replaced by a newspaper, please explain?

tacobfm said:

This totally can be like a newspaper.

Recipe7 Recipe7 said:

The image looks very bad, but still, it's very innovative. I'm sure by 2020 we will have screens which are flexible and as crisp as the iPhone4.

Trillionsin Trillionsin said:

Ive heard about this somewhere before... people keep saying its like a newspaper that downloads the daily news? Cheaper alternative would be a iPad, or slate, or tablet... whatever they are calling these flat handheld computers these days.. that will download the daily news for you. So, instead of buying papers, just use your friggin' laptops. You are probably already paying for internet service, why pay for news paper? Or vise versa.. whatever.

What I am thinking is along the lines of surounding yourself with this flexible material. Suround gaming.... now there is an idea I am liking... and no.. i dont think projectors would allow this to happen. You would have shadows, or blank areas somewhere...

hitech0101 said:

Nice & slim that's totally awesome.Roll up seems nice just open it whenever you want & roll it back up if you don't need it.So slim it will like fit into smallest places so cool.

peachgiant peachgiant said:

sweeet. remember the flex-screen in "mission to mars"? same deal.. they used it as a map and terrain range-finder, but it was like a mylar-scroll dealio.

large flexible sheets would be AWESOME for architectural drawings. the drawing set for a highrise can be 100's and 100's of pages.. even thousands, if you include specs.

it won't be too long before your full-height gaming tower will be crammed into the edge of one of these 100" flexible displays.. quantum computers, anyone?

mpsteel said:

I am keeping my ideas secret

allaserik said:

Sony presented theirs in Spring. [link]

raventrickster said:

The tech is really cool, but I have absolutely no idea what I would personally use it for in day to day life. until the fold radius gets small enough that you can have one of these things in a thin roll stored in the side of a phone a la Earth Final Conflict the flexible nature is just a neat gimmick. It's a race between these and functional holographics to see which one is practical first.

kaonis92 said:

Can't wait to see the future implementations of such technologies in our everyday lives!

9Nails, TechSpot Paladin, said:

I keep thinking of Harry Potter's news papers.

Personally, I don't know why I want a flexible display yet. Maybe for some wrap-around PC gaming?

blimp01 said:

what!! 0.1 MM wouldnt that rip

bioflex said:

mccartercar said:

Imagine a suit made of this that displays whats behind you as to make you camoflauged and almost 100% transparent. Now all we need is some infrared/xray/night vision eye contacts and we are on par with the Predator.

yep...totally agree with u.

Puiu Puiu said:

digital newspapers are coming! it's something that so many of us have been waiting for many many years. now flying cars are next.

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