Diablo III opening cinematic released

By on December 12, 2011, 4:30 PM

With the third installment of the Diablo franchise nearing fruition, Blizzard has released what is being called the "opening cinematic" for Diablo III. The trailer first peaked its head out for a public appearance this weekend at the Spike Video Game Awards.

Blizzard is well known for their impressive CGI video. The cinematic sports some very cool illustrative animation and some impressive 3D work toward the end, depicting a scene between two individuals -- don't worry, I won't spoil it for you.  For your convenience, the video is embedded below.

Diablo III is set to be the tertiary chapter in the epic hack-n-slash franchise, arriving nearly 12 years after the last installment, Diablo II. The comically long wait has defined very high-expectations, causing some of Blizzard's decisions to enrage fans. Such decisions include requiring the game to authenticate against Battle.net online, forbbiding mods, changing the "look and feel" of the once two-dimensional game and introducing elements from the Warcraft franchise.

There is little question Diablo III will be a hit in 2012, but the game also introduces a potentially industry-changing idea: a central auction house that uses real-world money.  In a sense, the long frowned upon practice of "gold farming" will be no longer be prohibited.

For better or worse, this shift of paradigm injects real capitalism into Diablo III. For players, this could introduce a form of wealth imbalance. However, the same system may also offer everyone a way to subsidize the cost of the game and possibly even make money -- or a living -- playing Diablo. For Blizzard, a real-world auction system could prove be a gigantic cash cow. Few details are known, but you can bet the gaming industry will be watching closely.

We last reported the game is expected to have an early 2012 release, but no official date has been given.

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chaboi390 said:

its going to be epic...

Guest said:

That is some really good CGI. Blizzard always does such a good job with their movies since way back in the Warcraft II days. They should make a major motion picture!

treetops treetops said:

Looks a little disney.

Guest said:

Deckard is just full of bad news

Burty117 Burty117, TechSpot Chancellor, said:

Guest said:

They should make a major motion picture!


Guest said:

Honestly? Rescue Cain AGAIN?? How is he still alive anyway?? lol Through three games, you'd think the "epic heroes foretold" could keep Diablo dead/banished, and Cain safe within a HOME for AT LEAST one century... Really blizzard? Sure the cinematics look good, its a shame they can't get any of their games to look that good :P Its just another WoW looking from the top down. I for one wasn't impressed with the beta AT all.

Blizzard isn't what they used to be :(

Guest said:

To the user posting above me: there's no such thing as a developer that has been more consistent in their quality as Blizzard. Period. If I were to ever find myself trashing on a Blizzard game, I would probably find myself soon to bow out of the gaming scene, because it only gets worse as you go down.

lchu12 lchu12 said:

Can't wait, just love the series...well until hackers, put out gazillions of super duper items and everything goes to hell. :P

Ranger12 Ranger12 said:

Deckard needs to get his face out of the books and take some self defense classes. But, I'd still be more than happy to rescue him again if it means another Diablo...

Guest said:

Considering the long wait and stupid moves like making D3 online only, and not to mention the auction-house money-milking system... I don't much care. I got SWTOR now. Got no need for D3.

Guest said:

K so we have no offline mode and we don't have mods. FU blizz :> Real-money auction is fine so long as it's not in-your-face.

jester376 said:

Guest said:

K so we have no offline mode and we don't have mods. FU blizz :> Real-money auction is fine so long as it's not in-your-face.

Its pretty sad you can only play a game online with mods, go find something else to play if you cant compete with the serious gamers.

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