Windows Phone leadership changed, Windows 8 integration hinted

By on December 13, 2011, 5:30 PM

On Monday, Steve Ballmer issued a memo informing Microsoft employees that leadership of the Windows Phone 7 team would be handed over to vice president and lead engineer, Terry Myerson. The former division president, Andy Lees, will be working on a special project that aims to yield the "maximum impact" of Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 in 2012. Lees had been the president of the WP7 team for three years.

While "driving maximum impact" is not clearly defined, Microsoft may be planning some substantial tie-in between Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. Perhaps this will translate into tight integration between the two platforms, mutual promotions, common design elements, ideas for tablet PCs or even some sort of platform unification. Regardless, the implications could be profound. We'll just have to rely on our imaginations for now.

Ballmer admitted Windows Phone 7 has not seen the kind of traction Microsoft would like, with a mere 1.5 percent market share among smart phones world-wide. Analysts have also shown that WP7 has all but stopped in growth while Android gobbles up most new smartphone owners across the globe.

Despite the company's difficulties, Microsoft's CEO points out that smart phones with WP7 continue to receive favorable reviews and people generally seem to like the platform. Early this year, we reported that 93 percent of WP7 owners were either satisfied or very satisfied with their phones and 90 percent were willing to recommend the platform to their friends.

Ballmer also suggested Microsoft's recent deal with Nokia will help forge a healthy future for Microsoft's mobile endeavor. As part of the deal, the handset maker will been manufacturing WP7 phones for global distribution. The Lumia is the only Nokia phone currently available with WP7.

As part of a holiday promotion, Microsoft is still offering their $25 prepaid app store card for the purchase of any WP7 phone until December 31.

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Guest said:

I like my windows phone, Bought it when they first came out at bell, But now I see bell doesnt sell them and rogers only has 1, Ii can see why its hard to get people using them when there hard as hell to find at any of the phone carriers.

Guest said:

The phones are crap anyway you can DDOS your own windows phone by sending a email ****ing lol!

KG363 KG363 said:

I was under the impression that the platform was expanding somewhat rapidly after Mango

Chazz said:

kg363 said:

I was under the impression that the platform was expanding somewhat rapidly after Mango

No one really knows. ATT has been sold out the titan and focus s a few times and I think amazon as well, but I think it's because they didn't order many phones to begin with. ATT only shipped 1-2 phones to their physical stores,if that, so people suspect they just didn't order any. In my whole city only one store had a single copy of the titan...and that went to me.

Guest said:

Quote : The phones are crap anyway you can DDOS your own windows phone by sending a email ****ing lol!

lol and u think other OS dont have any exploit?

Guest said:

All I can say is that from personal experience that my HTC Mozart has been a truly wonderful phone. Integration with windows live and Zune player are also fantastic. It's been dropped, knocked about a bit, and been dragged all over the world but still performs faultlessly.

Arris Arris said:

Probably many people like me were put off by being stuck in a contract with a Windows Mobile handset for some time. That poor offering really made me avoid Windows Phone and jump ship straight to Android.

Guest said:

I just recently got a Windows Phone and I am loving it so far. The App Store is hard to navigate in my opinion but I'm not big into Apps anyhow.

I really just want to thank TechSpot for informing me about the $25 promo card. I was made aware of it by anyone from AT&T or Microsoft. It's not much of a promotion if no one knows about it is it?

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