New Nvidia service will auto-generate optimized game settings

By on April 30, 2012, 6:00 PM

Nvidia announced an initiative that should make it easier for PC gamers to find ideal graphics settings. Unless you're fortunate enough to have a powerhouse like the company's new dual-GPU GTX 690, you probably have to put some thought into your game's detail settings. Running everything maxed likely isn't an option, so you have to increase visuals until your hardware begs for mercy, then dial it down a notch.

Developers try to remove some of the trial and error by recommending system specs, that's mostly only helpful when determining if you can play a game. In-game quality presets are also helpful, but don't offer perfectly optimized settings. Publications like TechSpot provide more insight with performance reviews, though you need a decent grasp of each effect to interpret the results and apply them to your situation.

Nvidia has recognized this issue for some time. In November 2010, the company launched with recommended settings for many popular video cards and games. However, this still requires you to go out of your way to find the information and adjust your software accordingly. Nvidia hopes to simplify the whole process by launching a cloud-based service that will automatically configure your games.

Dubbed the "GeForce Experience," the service will use a supercomputer to analyze your processor, graphics card, memory as well as other variables to determine and apply the best settings for your machine. According to Nvidia, 80% of PC gamers use the default settings, which supposedly breaks down to 144 million folks playing with less-than-desirable visuals. The service is expected to hit beta on June 6.

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Holyscrap said:

I have been using the Nvidia OPS (Optimal Playable Settings) for some time now and they are great. glad to see

they are taking it up a notch. If they ,except the in-game settings, also add some of those settings.ini customizations it will be close to perfect.

ramonsterns said:

*Beep Boop* Detecting Optimal Settings



*Turn everything up*

Oh look, game still runs at 40-60 FPS, no change in temperature.

Hopefully this program will be better than current graphic setting detectors.

Guest said:

Dont most pc games have something already built in to detect the best settings on your pc? Is this supposed to be better or just another option?

Guest said:

"80% of PC gamers use the default settings". What the hell is wrong with people.

Guest said:

"Dont most pc games have something already built in to detect the best settings on your pc? Is this supposed to be better or just another option?"

That's still quite a crude method, it's just a case of the game checking what graphics card you have then using the specified settings stored for use with said card - which is always very conservative and far below the graphical settings you can actually get with a bit of trial and error.

Guest said:

I see this used for older graphic cards ... and really can't see the use if you have the latest/greatest in ure rig, will be useless as all setting should be on/max by default oO

Guest said:

is this nvidia service already applied by blizzard's diablo 2 game executable called d2vidtst.exe?

Guest said:

This will make it easier for nubs to point the finger when shiz don't work right. lol

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